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What a weekend of Family fun....

CATEGORY: | Monday, September 25, 2006

This weekend we went to the Puyallup Fair. It was a really fun day and we ran into a bunch of people we know which was unusual. I even ate some fair food... curly fries. Due to my super sensitive tummy I ususally stay away from fair food. My favorite part is always the chickens but I also loved watching Memphis on the canoe ride...she was sooooo happy. Her favorite part was the canoe ride and seeing some of her friends. Then we went for a long family walk and took some photos. This week I have a lot of wholesale orders to work on and I am hoping to refresh my shop and I am going to try and start the new life of Dawn. I must go to bed earlier...I must. No more staying up late sewing and watching talk shows. I also really need to organize my life. It is getting a little sloppy and is driving me batty. Happy Monday :). I for one am exhausted by the week's end...but in a good way.

I am sooooooooo addicted to Flickr...

CATEGORY: | Monday, September 18, 2006

So...I am a stay at home Ma and I have to say that my new blog obsession and Flickr obsession is really helping me to stay in touch with the outside world. I am going thru a very low social period. It's my choice and it's sooo weird. I just want to stay in and sew and hang with the fam and pets.....
It's not a bad thing I guess but it kinda freaks me out. I am a Sagittarian...we are supposed to be social. So thanks to all of you bloggers and flickr folks. xoxo P.S. super glad A Bird In the hand is Back(thanks for mentioning my squirrels).....also thanks to Daddy*Drama for mentioning me in your blog and to Knotty Bits for giving me a HUGE blog mention and linking people to my blog/Etsy site and SuperMaggie page plus put some shots up on her/their Flickr (WOW!!) and Poniesandsugarcookies for the mention and toosmalltocount for actually reading my blog and the compliments and to and twostraighllines for the awesome book mention (Last Minute Fabric Gifts) and asilasil for mentioning me on stylehive...and atoz for putting my shop link on your blog and everyone that went to SuperMaggie to buy one of my plush :) when I remember who I forgot I will post it next time.......I am soooo thankful I found Flickr....it's amazing. What would I do without the internet??? That's a very sad thought. oops the cool plush my daughter is holding is from www.Marjonvanstijn.etsy.com

Time is Flying by me..............

CATEGORY: | Friday, September 15, 2006

Today I feel overwhelmed. There is just sooooooooo much to do and never enough time. I want to live a more simple life. I want less stuff but it is sooooo hard to stop wanting. I think that my wanting stuff is the way I fill the gaps and holes in my life. It is so satifying to want something and think of a way to get it. Like sell some clothes, EBay some stuff sell some crafts. Then when you get it you feel a huge sense of accomplishment and it lasts for a few days maybe a week and then you are online finding yourself wanting more. Or shopping at Target or Nordstroms or the fabric store. AAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. It seems like an endless vicious wanting cycle sometimes. I always want beautiful stuff...like one of Lisa Congdon's new mixed media pieces using old library cards...or one of Ashley's pieces....or a new floor in your house(from Morran's flickr site)...or a new car that is smaller and fits in more parking spaces...or a really cute new pair of boots...or these boots....whatever it is when you see 'IT' it stays in your head and if you are me you are always plotting a way to get it. So why not use this talent , if you can call it that, to get a super fab career for yourself. So you can help your family, put your daughter thru college, take a vacation a year and someday own your own fab house????? I keep asking myself this question and once again I find myself stuck in the endless circle of insanity that is my life.
Don't get me wrong...it's a wonderful life and I am truly blessed in many ways...just not with a career that can keep up with my desires or needs to make a difference...somehow...someway....even if that difference is just within myself. xo

I dream of Pucci....or Steve Madden.....

CATEGORY: | Monday, September 11, 2006

Ooooo look at these boots!!!!!! They are so divine and amazingly gorgeous...each time I look at them I feel faint. If only I had a spare $750.00 sitting around. Geez. I always seem to have such expensive taste. Maybe I will settle for the Steve Maddens. I really, really want some boots this year. I have not had a pair for such a looooooooong time. I am a total shoe-a-holic too. If I was loaded I would almost be Imelda Marcos. I would definately have a rotating shoe showcase. Soooo cool. This weekend was a big one. Our daughter turned 5 on Wednesday so her party was this weekend at the beach. This is the 3rd Birthday party for her at the beach. It is a lot of fun and the beach is her favorite place in the whole wide world. She was bouncing off the walls excited and had a blast. Two of our closest friends moved to Portland this weekend too. They actually really already moved but yesterday was the closing day of their house and they had to be completely out. So we went over to say good-bye to the house and see you soon to them. I started crying and continued to cry after we left. I guess I just saved it up and it finally hit me. We will still see them because we adore them but I think there is a fear that the distance will cause harm or something. Many, many, many trips to Portland are in our future. We actually would like to move there too so maybe all those trips will help us get to know it better. All I know is we were walking around the park and beach, afterwards and I was crying and crying and crying. It was a bit overwhelming, like the flood gates let loose. I think all this time I was trying to be positive and strong for Kim and I really didn't stop to think about myself much. So we were at the playground and our daughter was being a bit fussy and then just a complete bummer so we left the playground to walk down to the beach. Well that was not a popular decision with a certain 5 year old so the fit began. Then I cut my foot. I was wearing flip flops and our daughter was really having a fit and my pinkie toe ran into the curb(the bumpy kind with rocks in it) and oooouch. Luckily I had a bandaid, some water and some tissue. Good times. So...today I am exhausted and need to get way toooo much done. I already miss you Robby and Kim. I know what would make me feel better...new boots :)!

Calgon take me away.................

CATEGORY: | Saturday, September 2, 2006

So this blog is about Plush mostly but also about me and my life. Lately my husband and I have been trying to get our almost 5 year old daughter (the love of our lives) to sleep in her bed alllll night. We have a queen size futon and my husband is 6 foot 5 1/2 inches tall. So...when our daughter sleeps with us his back usually is messed up. Not to mention we get woken up. So we have decided to try and ease her out but she is not having it. This has lead to many, many middle of the night battles. We have tried EVERYTHING. She is also going thru a very sassy & defiant stage but only to us. She is polite as can be most of the time but when we ask her to do the smallest of things it often ends up in yet another battle. I should tell you that we are strict parents but also very reasonable and like to give her reasons for things. I think this may have backfired on us because now she wants us to tell her why for everything and if the 'why' is not acceptable she is angry. My husband and I are both fire signs so we are really getting a lot of lessons on patience which is very valuable but exhausting. She is a Virgo and develops patterns that are extremely hard to break. If anyone out there has any tips for me please send them my way. Mostly we are in desparate need of sleep at this point. She will literally wake up as many as 10 times during the night trying to sneek in. I really did not want to put a lock on our door but we are actually considering it. Which is hard for me to believe. I am a loving person and wish she could be reasoned with but at this point it's looking bleak. This may seem like a small problem but she is also depriving herself of sleep and that is making a lot of things very hard. She missed the cutt off for kindergarten so I can't really tell her she needs sleep to go to school. AAAAAAAHHHHHHh...I am very creative and can not come up with a solution.....
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. The photos of course are of our little sweetie(the top one is most recent).... and because I am such a plush-a-holic a photo of one of my funny bunnies. I am off to sew and sew and sew some more. At least I have my plush.


CATEGORY: | Friday, September 1, 2006

Hey...just put up an end of summer/Start of fall sale on my etsy site www.LookWhatICandDo.Etsy.com. Trying to clean up shop and get things FRESH!! So...please go and take a look see. I am super excited about this weekend. I am going to work my butt off and put some new stuff in my shop. I plan to yardsale and we have a birthday party and wedding to go to. How will I find the time? I have no idea. That is my problem...I am a really bad time manager and as luck would have it I have very little time to manage. I am staying up waaaay too late these days and not getting out of the house early enough. I actually get up early just can't get moving as early as I would like to. That's why a post on A Bird in the Hand was super helpful the other day. I really need to get the book she mentioned. Go and check it out. I adore A Bird In the Hand!!!! So my daughter and I are off to Ikea today to meet my Ma. We like to have lunch there and mill about. That is my daughter likes to have potatoes and french fries. Such a starch head just like me. We are also both vegetarians. I started it and now she is really into it and she is only 4 1/2. Well...gotta run....lots to do and not enough time. Happy Holiday weekend. The photos are of course some of the Love=Creatures included in the BIG SALE!!