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Thank you...thank you....thank you...

CATEGORY: | Saturday, June 30, 2007
Man are we beat from our week!!
Ashley G Bearded Man...I LOVE IT thanks so much xoxo

So tired from massive amounts of fun...
Must keep shades on to hide dark circles...
A pile of books usually larger than this one awaits me every morning...
Her new found friend Rosabell...purchased at Archie McPhee
Our city...
First stop Lincoln Park
Next stop visit Rose and baby Lotte
Next stop Archie McPhee
Next Golden Garden's Beach

First I would like to thank Ashley for the gorgeous bearded man!!! WE ALL LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! You are the absolute best of the best and I am glad you had a wonderful birthday xoxo.
Next I would like to thank Jen...I LOVE your work and your blog and you were soooo kind to send me that extra. I MUST collect all your house prints and I will. Thanks so much!!!

So this week was jam packed. Monday dentist, Mema came over to watch Memphis. I found out they are discontinuing my favorite conditioner of allllll times from Aveda. It cost $32.00 for 16 fl ounces and I love it. Looks like the replacement choices are all going to cost $68.00 for 16 fl ounces are you $#@&! kidding me?????? Plus I LOVE it so much. I am allergic to soooo many things and this conditioner...Deep Penetrating Conditioner is so good to us. I was so angry and upset...it's the little things that kill me. Plus the dentist was not fun. Tuesday we had ballet and ran some errands. Wednesday was the Marathon plan with our friend Darcey and her 3 kids. It was a blast but man can that family keep going and going. We met at Lincoln Park in West Seattle, went to our friend Rose's house for a visit with her and baby Lotte, then it was off to Ballard to go to Archie McPhee's and then off to Golden Garden Park/beach. Phew...
Thursday we rested and recovered from Marathon plan walked the dog, went to Post Office and did stuff around the house. Friday we walked dog, did housework, folded laundry from day before, went to post office, went to Goodwill...where I scored on some fabric...went to Library, Cupcake Royale and then went Grocery shopping, got home had din din, put our little cutie to bed and then I sewed and listed a few of my Jack Rabbits. So today...I have to do A LOT of sewing and while Jason and Memphis go and get our brakes fixed (again-His brother may or may not have installed the incorrectly. We shall soon see ) I will get as much done as humanly possible.
A few Flickr favs for you to soak up...
I heart Jelly fish
This cracks me up
Can stop myself
Love this and makes me miss our Churchie so much
Oh I really WANT this
So pretty
Love it

Featured in Cookie Mag blog...thanks Wendy of Shoporangebutton.com

CATEGORY: | Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thanks Wendy of www.Shoporangebutton.com
Just look at all that gorgeous Plush...I especially LOVE Wren Handmade. I have dreamed of owning one of her pieces for a long time.
Also in love with Le Train Fantome!!!
They are all amazing!!! So exciting!!!

I feel very lucky to have my work on the Cookie Mag blog...I LOVE Cookie Mag. I buy it all the time. It's so fantastic. Anywho...if things go right I will be back to FINALLY share some mail I rec'd and to any of you that have asked. I WILL have a small shop update by this weekend. I am sorry but I am doing as much as I can and for those couple of you that have special orders in and are waiting...I am just about done...that means you Lacey...FINALLY!!! Anywho just had to share the Cookie Mag news and seriously Wendy of Shoporangebutton.com is one of my lucky charms and her site is super cool....xoxox

Sneak peat at my Supermaggie order....

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Elof The Jack Rabbit
Esme the Jack Rabbit
Frederik The Jack Rabbit
Anouk & Abel the Jack Rabbits
Abel and Anouk
Mercury & Ludde the Jack Rabbits

Hello people....finally a sneak peak at my latest Supermaggie order. I will be shipping this order out tomorrow. FINALLY!!! Life has been kicking my butt. :) I will be back this evening to share some recent goodies I got in the mail but for now I must run...going to the park with some friends...super duper playdate ahead. xoxo

Spreading the yardsale love....xo

CATEGORY: | Sunday, June 24, 2007
Saw this on the way to a yardsale...
Crazy painting...$1.00
New knife for Jason...50 cents...
Cool wooden Apple box $3.00

We went to some yardsales yesterday, went shopping for food, I read a lot of my book club book (Watership Down), rested due to a major sinus headache...starting on Wednesday...went on long dog walk, had dinner, read some more, time for stories, read more of my book...went to bed.
What a day...fun...long...busy...sinus PAIN!!! Last day of Ballet camp was super fun. Got some great photos and had a spontaneous playdate...Memphis made a friend in camp and she asked us over. Her mother is wonderful and it was a nice surprise. I had fun and so did Memphis. This was not what I usually do so it felt good to do something spur of the moment and I am hoping we will see more of them. Wonderful family and Kristin was just so wonderful to talk with. Must share my finished order for Supermaggie soon and some mail I rec'd from Ashley and from Jen. So wonderful...and made my day. Must photograph the gorgeous goodies and share. Happy Sunday...
Flicker favs...
Just beautiful
super duper cool
still sooooo wanting to make some of these.
What a fantastic bag...

Friday...where have you been all my life?

CATEGORY: | Friday, June 22, 2007
I heart poppies...this one is so delicate
They were just sitting there...
Yesterday she was a bunny...
On our powerwalk...

This week has been so full!!! We had ballet camp everyday for 2 1/2 hours and Memphis loves it. I go walk aimlessly around somewhere...which I have enjoyed but really miss her. Honestly I actually hate it. I miss her so much and I just keep thinking about how fast the time goes... Silly I know but I really love our little life. The weather has been great. We have met some friends for lunch, walked the dog, washed the car...now I am feeling a bit sick. Maybe a sinus infection coming on. Good times...I was so tired last night that I forgot to set my alarm and woke up at 6:30 am in a panic. Speaking of time...I have to run. Just wanted to say a quick hello. Happy Friday...
Just a few Flickr favs...
This color is gorgeous...
Loving this...
I have loved Fern for awhile now...hope I get one someday...love the red one with beard..
I really like this photo
So cute...
This makes me smile...
Where can get one of these???
My Supermaggie order is done...need to photograph and do tags and bios. xoxo

A preview to Kindergarten has arrived...

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Shoko the songbird Love=Creature
Kimmelman the bunny Love=Creature
Valenti the Songbird Love=Creature
Chloe the Robin Love=Creature
Elliott the Elephant Love=Creature
New to us doll with Disco Roller skates
from our good friends Amy and Kerry...check out their shop

So...Memphis is in ballet camp this week. This means 2 1/2 hours a day for this week she is in camp...away from Ma. I have to be honest...I hate it. I miss her so much. I know I should be loving my free time but I find myself lost and lonely. She really is the light of my life. I know Kindergarten will be better because it will be longer and I will actually go home but Ballet camp is shorter so I have been filling my time with errands and such...and actually aimlessly walking thru malls. I really feel VERY weird without her. It's like I'm not myself anymore if I am alone. It has been almost 6 years now that I have been her Ma so I have to give myself a break. Time...it takes time...but I don't have to like it. We have become so close and I just LOVE having her around. I guess I should really consider having another baby??? I did not expect to love motherhood this much...still freaks me out but I do. It's the absolute best thing I have ever done(besides marrying my wonderful hubbyxo) and to prove it even more we have this amazing, gorgeous, intelligent, well behaved, funny and amazing girl. It goes by soooooo fast it really scares me. I also don't want to be one of those Ma's who loses myself in my kid (s)...too late it's happened.

All the above animals are at GrumbleToy...I can't find it online yet but I believe that's where they will be...anywho...here are some new flickr favs for your viewing pleasure...
Renegade...Curious Bird
Renegade Swallowfield..jenxo
Renegade Pixiegenne...megxo
Thanks for posting this Steph...
Too Cute
Love the contrast
My hubby will love this
This is amazing...people actually used to look this cool...xo

Small Magazine Featured one of my Jack Rabbits!!!

CATEGORY: | Friday, June 15, 2007
small magazine featured one of my Jack Rabbits this issue...
Steve Visneau is the photographer and I love this picture...
go check it out...it's a gorgeous mag dedicated to handmade kids items.

Just wanted to help spread the word and the love about small... thanks so much for featuring me! It means the world to me that the folks at small love my work and I was featured with so many other talented and wonderful people...I mean seriously look at who else is on the page with me...WOW!! Please go and check out the entire mag...now...xo Oh and it turns out the lovely Camilla Engman is one of the illustrators...

Yep...that was two, two, two posts in one evening...what can I say...I love this day. xoxo

Oh the things you can see...oh the things you will find...


So today was a very funny day. We spent the better part of the first 1/2 at home. Walked the dog...had lunch...vacuumed...did dishes....played...then it was out to run errands. We had to go to Archie McPhee to get some wrapping paper, black-n-white photos for Poppy's day and a card. Of course while there we also picked up a flying saucer ring, an orange on sale Devil Duck, a truck Pez and a cool Godzilla Card for Poppy's Day. We had so much fun. The best part is when we pulled in the parking lot it was filled with crazy wacky cars. The Solstice Parade is this weekend in Fremont and it appears all the wacky cars were making a trial run around Ballard. It was amazing. I am going to post a few more over on my Flickr...check it out. Then we went and visited our friends Amy and Kerry at their super cool shop Sugartown. They are soooo nice. They gave Memphis a vintage Ginny Sasson doll, still in the box and she comes with disco rollerskates...all in all a fab day...even if it did rain a little.
Good luck to all you lucky people going to Renegade this weekend and a special shout out to Meg & Jen and to Maggie & Micheal of Supermaggie...have a blast guys.xoxoxo

Here are just a few Flickr favs to tide you over
Loving it...
This Ceramic Figure is amazing...
Nothing better than an adorable ChiChi
I heart trees..
This shot is surreal...
Completely in LOVE with Irana's work...
This is amazing...
Love love love this..
Flickr I heart you..

Where does the time go...does anyone know?

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, June 12, 2007
She was a superhero allllll day! :)
Right before her very first Tap Performance...she did so great!

Memphis was in her very first ever Tap Performance and it was a big deal. The school she goes to is really big and it was fantastic. She was a nervous wreck but did a great job. I am soooo proud of her! My Ma came, Jason's folks and our great friends Eric and Nancy!! Plus Saturday night we got to see our amazing friend Andrea perform. She is/was the lead singer of Pretty Girls Make Graves!! It was their LAST show sadly and it was AMAZING!! She got us in and we got to go backstage( which I always LOVE!! So interesting!) We didn't drink(due to the Tap performance the next day..had to be in tip top for our girl) which made it very surreal. Man it was amazing!!! Seriously...this last weekend and now this week is just flying by. Memphis keeps saying 'It's been a long day Ma.' It cracks me up. Our Tour de Park is back in full effect!! We have hit 2 parks this week and it's only Tuesday...that's right...we might not have play dates lately but we're hitting the parks!! ( Most of her playdates went to kindergarten this year...she missed the cut off by 6 days so...) We have also rediscovered thrifting. We hit Value Village last week, Goodwill yesterday and our 2nd Value Village today. Very little money spent and many books, fabric and a few little tid bits found. We have also walked the dog, had breakfasts, lunches and ran errands. It's Poppy's Day this weekend and we are super excited over here. Poppy promised a day at the beach including picnic. He mentioned it last month...and every single day since then she has asked me many times a day...'Ma...how many days until Father's Day?' Memphis's favorite place on earth is the beach and if she could she would live outdoors. She can't get enough. Our power walking is still going strong and we are now starting to do jog/walk.
Almost done with my SuperMaggie order, the Jack Rabbits above are part of that order. We received the two gorgeous dresses that Martha from Uniform Studio made, 0ne is pictured up above, they are AMAZING!!!!

Sorry I have been missing from my own blog...just super duper buzzzy. Anywho...I leave you with, of course, some new Flickr favs....
bet you can't guess who sang the title of my post...without googling!!!xo

This dog is so gorgeous...
Love, love this photo
This is so beautiful
Love this shot
I just love this...
I own this book and I soooo love it.
I just think this is cute....xo