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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, February 2, 2008 in

Mema (my Mama) came for a visit today!!! She was in a great mood and brought gifts!! She brought Memphis a bird and a How to Draw book. She is so great!! She played with Memphis and Gucci all day...and I joined in too. It was super. When she is here there is a lot of giggling!! She brought me a NEW PONCHO!!! I had no idea she was making it for me. It's made out of Merino wool/silk/and cashmere. It's soft and gorgeous!!! Memphis lost her other front tooth Thursday night and the tooth fairy came...$5.00!! I listed a few other Love=Creatures and plan on listing a few more tomorrow. I am feeling super duper duper tired but good. Well...just a quick hello and I will leave you with a few Flickr favs....Andrea if you are reading this call me!!! I miss you!!!xoxo

I love Beaker

I love Wilfredo!!! and his suitcase!!
I love this sosososososo much!!!
Love this shot
Love this room
Love this dress
Love this painting!!!
Love this photo
Love love this...so funny
Love this photograph!!

Time to go love my family some more...happy Saturday!!!!xoxo
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