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I love my kid....

CATEGORY: | Friday, March 28, 2008

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE my kid!!! She is amazing and she brings joy into every single one of my days. She makes me smile, laugh, ponder and yes she also really knows how to push my buttons...but that's okay because she is growing and becoming her own person. She is so very perceptive and smart. Her sense of humor is fantastic. I love how she is shy and very questioning of strangers. She is just the best thing around and every single day I am thankful for her and my husband. I know how lucky I am that they both love me but I know that I am luckier still because I love them so very much. Being able to truly and deeply love somebody is a very powerful thing and I know how lucky I am. I am finally going to start working on my Supermaggie order....super late but they are such nice folks I know they are okay with it. I am also going to be organizing up a storm this weekend and I am going to get the babe's space ready.
He will be with us in a mini crib for a bit and then when he is a bit bigger he will share Memphis' room which we are currently transforming. Lots of work especially since we have such limited space but you know what...it will all work out. We have lived in a small space for a long time now and we are actually really good at it most of the time. Minimal Dawn is starting to prevail...I have a long way to go but I am definitely getting much better. I just wish I didn't like to collect things...my collections are much smaller these days. Happy weekending and here are a few Flickr favs.....
Oh and I did a mini shop update last night....

Cool shot
so sweet
Love the Lion
love these
this is so funny

Orbs on the brain....

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, March 26, 2008
I was strangely attracted to these balloons...maybe because I look like one right now.....today...I am taking it easy. I have fallen off the production wagon and have become rather lame. What can I say??? Life is coming at me in many directions right now and I am freakin' out just a bit.
Soon a new life will be here and I will be in charge of it most of the time. Wow...I am getting excited but I am the kind of person that doesn't really get excited for the trip until I am on the plane. Life is very good right now. All of us are doing well and in spite of my exhaustion I am feeling surprisingly upbeat. I finally cleaned out my bookmarks...am doing housework today and trying to just take it easy. Today I would like to share with you a few flickr favs and a few Etsy finds...so here goes...
Honeywind makes these amazing leg warmers and I want some...
Esdesigns makes amazing jewelry!!!
Check out these little cuties by AlohaDear...
Killer coasters by patriciaclark
Love these plush....

now some flickr favs
sooooo cute
gorgeous photo
just look at that cutie
a little color and one of my all time fav flowers

Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

What a weekend....and the winner of my first ever give away!!!!

CATEGORY: | Monday, March 24, 2008

Apple & Pare the Tweet Tweet birds in my shop sooooon

Our first time Dying eggs with Memphis...

Playing cards with Baron Von Munchausen

Baron Von Munchausen is her new favorite friend...

a rainy easter egg hunt brings big smiles...

So our weekend was filled with fun, sun and lots of rain. It rained almost all day yesterday and was pouring in the morning so much that the eggs started to lose their color and that really upset Memphis...she of course got over it but for a few seconds it was rough going. We also had an indoor Easter egg hunt early in the morn. My Ma came over for lunch and hung out. Jason and I tried to run errands only to find out all the shops closed early...oops. I took a big nap later in the day and had horrible acid reflux last night. I am super duper tired today....It was just so much fun seeing Memphis sososososo happy. The Easter bunny brought her a watch and some dinos and of course a bit of candy and I gave her Baron Von Munchausen. I let her pick from the ones that I had done and also offered to make her a custom Love=Creature but she had her heart set on Baron Von Munchausen who by the way has a pet Chihuahua named Munch and had to ride to school with her today and when we got out of the car after arriving at school she told me to take good care of him. He is currently watching Ellen while I type.

So...the winner of my first ever give away is.................Jen j-m!!!!! A big, big thank you to everyone that entered and left comments. It was super fun getting so many comments and it is wonderful to send Sasha and Tasha to a loving home. Thanks everyone.....xoxoxox

Small Shop Update and an Easter Giveaway....

CATEGORY: | Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sasha & Tasha the Conjoined Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures....
Small shop update...check it out...xoxo

So I just wanted to announce my small shop update...currently in my shop....and in honor of all of you that have been so AMAZING to me I am doing my very first Blog give away....so if you are at all interested in Sasha & Tasha the Conjoined Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures please leave me a comment for this entry and tell me why you love or dislike Easter or just say something...nice. :) You must leave your comment by the end of Saturday March 22nd 12am (midnight pst) !!! I will then take all the names and put them in an Easter basket and pick one lucky winner. I will do this Sunday March 23rd...Easter and have it out in the mail by Monday. I of course will need you to leave me a link to your blog or email so I can get your mailing address. I have always wanted to do a give away and it will be fun to see if anyone is even listening to me....well I know some of you are and thanks :)! Anywho...can't wait.....

It is getting oh so close now.....aaaaahhhhhhh

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Me and the boy...35 weeks!!! Notice new stroller still in box in background. :)
Some of my flickr favs of late......check my flickr for photo credits...

More boots and socks oh and my adorable dog...
Memphis makes more robots...I love this one

More Jacks getting ready to jump....
Works in progress.....

So...I am in week 35 now and things are getting tough. He is so low and a bit big. So we are going to get a 3rd ultra sound and take it from there. My birth experience with Memphis was horrible. I don't know if I have ever shared it on my blog but I will sum it up as quickly as I can. I did not get my doctor...I got the only doctor in the rotation that I specially said I did not want and she was awful...AWFUL. The first thing she said to us when she came into the room that night was 'What's up Dudes?'....If you know me...you know that I am very professional in certain situations and you must always approach me with respect when you don't know me very well or I will have a very hard time with you...it's the mid-western in me what can I say. We had a day and night of false labor...meaning....it started and never went anywhere. So they gave me a shot of morphine...which totally freaked me out and the nurse asked me if I had had a problem with drugs!!!! What!!! Exactly the opposite. I have always been afraid of them. So I told her to give me a lower dose and it would be better. Well...later I found out that she told Jason she gave me more, which would explain the panic attack I endured for about an hour before my Ma and Jason finally got me to calm down and sleep. Then the next afternoon the labor started again around 1pmish. I did not deliver Memphis until the following morning. So my labor was progressing normally and then I got the epidural...I had to...and it slowed down and made the right side of my body totally numb...which freaked me out. She basically got stuck and they used the suction method way too many times and by the end every single nurse and person looked like they were watching a car accident...a really bad one. I kept asking what was going on and nobody would answer. She did not tell me when I got an episiotomy or when she was delivering my after birth or when she cut the cord...and Jason was certainly never asked....I really and truly thought either Memphis or myself was going to die and Memphis did not make one peep for 20 whole minutes...during which NOBODY would tell me what was going on and believe me I was asking. A special team of 3 or 4 doctors came in and took her to a table across the room and worked on her for those 20 minutes and it was so quiet in the room you could hear a pin drop. So we really should have complained about her or sued her because she but both Memphis and I in a lot of jeopardy and because of that whole experience and I am sparing you many details...I am terrified this time....seriously. So the closer it gets the worse my anxiety is getting....deep breath...deep breath...anywho that is why I have been sewing up a storm keeping busy is very good for me and the extra moola is super fab for us too. Anywho...just felt like sharing...thanks for listening. The roofer is here today and it is really loud....
Have a wonderful day everyone. xoxo

Small SHOP UPDATE...the Jacks they be a jumping...

CATEGORY: | Friday, March 14, 2008

The Gucc

So this week went by sooooo fast I can hardly believe it. I did get a lot done but not as much as I wanted. This pregnancy is getting super hard now. It is really hard to walk for prolonged periods and I am mostly uncomfortable now. I have been sewing Jack Rabbit for Easter and will continue to do so...this weekend I plan on getting more done. I also wanted to take time to thank Mirjam for our gorgeous skirt and top. We LOVE them!!!! Her work is amazing and if you have not been to her shop...go now... she is genius! Thanks sooooo much for swapping with us! You are the best!
I also wanted to share my new plushie Lola with you...she is from Chickpea Studios and I just adore her. She is going in my collection....xo Plus check out what my Ma made for the boy...isn't she the best. She also made a knitted gorgeous green blanket & hat and a flannel blanket!! She's the best. The cool zipper pouch was from a vintage knitting book. I just love it and the hooded wrap was too. Such great colors and they will go very nicely with 'the Look' I have planned for him....70's vintage with a modern twist. Loads of stripes and very Bjorn Borg. I am getting excited but am also a nervous wreck. Anywho...that's it for now...hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.!!!

flickr favs for the road.....
in love
I love this guy
great shot
super cool
I love this band...and we saw them on their first tour...

....and the Jacks keep hopping in...another smaller shop update :)

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, March 12, 2008
another smaller shop update... xoox

Today Jason was home sick...I sewed, cleaned and rested. This little guy is going on week 35 and I am beat. Sorry no photos of me and the boy lately...maybe tomorrow...Easter is coming fast so I will be sewing up a storm all week. Thanks to alllll of you that bought a Jack Rabbit or otherwise from my shop in the last few days...it makes a big difference for our fam and it makes me smile very, very big. Thanks so much. xoxo
Now....a few flickr favs....
gorgeous photo and I LOVE those round yellow flowers.
thanks so much Jenny....I love the photos....:)
thanks for the link Martha....I LOVE this
stunning photo...the whole set
so sweet
great photo

Here come the Jacks and a shop update too....

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, March 11, 2008
So...I am very pregnant now and it is hard to get around. I have been sewing my little fingers to the bone and have more to finish and more to list but this is what I have done so far....So check it out....
Also...the Needle.org ran my interview today...and you can read it here...
That's it for now...super tired...must sleep. xoxo

Dank U Dank U Kay...we LOVE our package

CATEGORY: | Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kay is a flickr friend of mine and she loves vintage stuff and is a super duper sweet person. So one day I get this email that says she is going to be on the look out for vintage fabrics for me and then she emails and says she is sending a package. Well...not only does she send me some gorgeous fabric but she sends Memphis a super Book called 'Robots and Spaceships' and she sends her this super cool robot/spaceman plushie....and if that wasn't enough she also throws in some gorgeous doilies!!!
I feel soooooo spoiled right now and grateful for all the goodness that has come my way.....seriously...thank you so much Kay!!! I know there can be some things about the internet that are not good but I feel so thankful for all the goodness it has brought me and for all the crafty/thrifting/vintage loving/talented folks I have met because of it. It really has made me believe there are more good folks out there than there are bad and when bad ones pop up it's not so bad because of all the good I have found. Thanks so much Kay and to all of you out there that help to spread the goodness. I for one really appreciate it and it has made a big difference in my life. I no longer feel so alone :)!

Okay...more flickr favs...
So loving this
So amazing
I want one...
So so cool!!!!

Thanks Jenny....I love it ALL!!!!!!!!!

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, March 4, 2008
So Jenny of Frecklewonder has a boy and is having a girl... and we have a girl and are having a boy....So we decided to do a swap and boy was I super excited. I LOVE LOVE everything she sent. She also sent some really cute swim trunks, a great pattern and a book. I LOVE it all. You see our boy is going to be sporting a Brady bunch/70's/Bjorn Borg style with a modern twist. He will hopefully have straight hair and I am crossing my fingers it's really red. Anywho...this swap was sooooo amazing and I just wanted to share with everyone and thank Jenny!!!! Thanks Jenny!!!!!

Also think I should share a few flickr favs....
I adore this photo of Henry....
Such an amazing shot
So great...we also did a swap and I will share it when it arrives. :)
So great
Great photo

Also we have had a lot on our plates lately and I am very, very thankful for all of our friends and family. If you have recently commented on my blog thanks so much...it makes my day. I am sure glad that most folks in this world are kind and caring people. Putting goodness out into the world is how we become who we really and truly are. We all have kindness within us and sharing it is what makes the world such a wonderful place to live in. I am thankful that my heart is true and that I am able to receive so much goodness. Thanks a bunch everyone. :)