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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, April 30, 2009 in

Hello friends...Petula of YellowGoatdesign.blogspot.com did an interview with me. She has an amazing blog and a super gorgeous Etsy shop. She asked me if I would be interested and I was thrilled. Anywho...I think it turned out really great and I love the photo mosaic she did for it...seen above...thanks so much Petula....if you want to learn more about me go to her blog straight away :)
In other news....I have been feeling very sick...no...not swine flu...my Sarcoidosis has flared up and I have also run myself down. Mr. Soren is teething again...tooth #12!!! Yikes....I am behind in my blogging/shop updates/flickr postings and well just about everything else except the kids and house work. I manage to stay on top of those things because well...I have to. So sorry to have fallen off the map but I think I am back. The other night I fell asleep on the couch at about 9pm and did not wake up until after 11pm...if you know me you know that is crazy. I had plans to sew and list and blog but my body said otherwise. Anywho, besides being totally freaked out about Swine/Pig whatever they are calling it flu...I am feeling much better. I was avoiding the news but they sent a letter home in the school paper, then they called last night to tell about a possible case in our hood...not our school but one that is very very close( it was an actual call warning us about Swine Flu and how to do your part to prevent getting it and or spreading it!!!)...and well...then this morning they talked about a case up North...a Pediatrician who had treated 22 patients and they are in the process of contacting them. So you see...I have my hand sanitizer, my masks and have given Memphis further lessons on the importance of washing her hands/hand sanitizing and trying not to touch her face...especially her nose and eyes but she is after all 7 years old....this is crazy and I for one am actually a bit freaked.
Soren is finally napping...his second bottom cuspid is coming in and the poor guy is in pain. So I must run a long and list a few Jacks I had promised to list and return emails and maybe rest...oh and iron...I almost forgot...
Happy Thursday....use your Hand sanitizer!!! :)
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