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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 in

I love this and many others from Nosideup..
Mon Petit Fantome...such amazing work..I love this one so much

Tsk Tsk has amazing prints in her shop...I love them all

I just love this by Justin Richel

Pretty Little thieves...I am in love with so many...

I just love this by Sparkle Power

Ground work has done it again...so good

I have been a Fifi Lapin fan for a long time...

Charmaine Olivia's work is just gorgeous

Dazeychic....of Studio Mela has some super quirky prints...I love this one

Hello and happy Tuesday! I have decided to share with you today some of my favorite 'Print' finds on Etsy of late. Of course there are many more but I choose these to share today. I hope some are new to you and you check out their shops and find a treasure to hang up in your home. I really love art work and in our small space I have to rotate in order to keep up with the many I love. I am always amazed by the massive amount of talent found on Etsy. We are so very lucky to have Etsy and I for one am addicted.

Watched 'Curious Case of Benjamin Button' and I really liked it. What a wild story it was and for some reason I had a big break thru. I have been carrying around a lot of anger over the years due to what happened to me as a child and on Saturday night I do believe I let a lot of it go...hopefully for good. I released it because I was finally able to understand where it came from and why it hung around so long. It continues to amaze me how such few events in your life can alter your personality and your future.

Friday Memphis went to a Birthday party at 4pm after school...we got lost trying to find the place...the Map Quest directions were wack...
Then we went to a school event that was in our school auction...from 6-9pm. It was a Willie Wonka party and Memphis had a blast. We were unable to secure a ticket at the auction but one of Memphis' classmates had bought two and wanted to take Memphis...we were very grateful.
Saturday we went to our good friend's wedding that Jason volunteered to cater for 150 people...he also took off Friday to cook for it...so he was so tired afterwards but got many many compliments on the food....then....Sunday (Ma's Day) we went to my Ma's.

Okay...never came back yesterday to share my Ma's day...it was just wonderful. We went to my Ma's and hung out with my family. My sweet daughter made me a beautiful bookmark...need to snap a photo of it...my husband gave me a Aveda candle and some perfume...I also bought myself a necklace...so I was very spoiled. I feel so very lucky to have such wonderful kids and amazing husband.

Anywho...I will post some photos on Flickr to share my Ma's day....have a wonderful day everyone :)
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