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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 in
This is the AMAZING flat stuffie from Xin of Doinky Doodles!!! I LOVE him so very much. I can't stop loving him. I took him in the car the other day...sat him in the passenger seat...yup I know I am losing it but it was fun. Thanks you Xin!!!! I love love love love him :)!!!!

So I would like to introduce another feature that I will be doing regularly...
'What's On your Mind?'
1. Sleep...getting more of it
2. How will our financial future ever be brighter?
3. Am I using my time to the best of my ability in this life?
4. What's up with the seasons here in the Pacific Northwest? Weird weather here...so cold.
5. Why are celebrities so important when they are just people?
6. How will I have the time to do all the things I want to do and still be a good Ma/Wife/friend?
7. Why is it that I always feel so isolated in life?
8. How can I give our daughter and son confidence to be all they can be?
9. How can I consume even less?
10. Why is it so hard to find a good fitting bra and then when you do why do they stop making it?
11. Why are they considering canceling 'Medium'? I love that show.
12. What is success and how is it measured and why does society often measure only the superficial levels of success?
13. Why is our society becoming more and more removed and why aren't there more folks that realize this. I believe that is what is causing all the stress.

So...there is a whole lot more on my mind but for now that will do. What's on your mind? If you are interested and have something to say leave a comment or blog about it.

They have early dismissal at school today so it will be fun to pick Memphis up and go to the park or something...weather depending.
Now I would like to share a few blogs that I really like that are new to me....

Moggit....omg...this blog makes me laugh ever day....
Dooce....I like to read this blog because I feel like I have a lot in common with this woman and I find it interesting...and she really does say what's on her mind.
Yellowgoat...is a great blog with loads of inspirations and I think Petula has a very uplifting outlook on life. I was also interviewed on this blog :)
Lovely Design is a wonderful blog about craft/art/family...I really like it
Design Crush....it's pretty and inspiring.
Door Sixteen...also very pretty and fun to read...would love to meet this blogger
LeLoveimage is so great and gets me thinking about romance and how to spice it up a bit
Laissezfaire...super cool blog...loads of eye candy...

So my boy is up now and I gotta run...Happy Wednesday to all!!!!!!!!!
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