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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 in
I took this photo at the Zoo yesterday. It was a chance happening. They were feeding the Giraffes and I have always wanted a photo exactly like this one....I have pictured it many times and it is so weird that it happened because the sun was shining right in my face and I had to try and dodge slightly around the trees to block out it's glare.....
What a great photo for my new feature...Take a LOOK Tuesday. I am going to try and bring cool items to your attention. Some will be new to you some may not but I am going to pass along things I LOVE and think would make anyone's life a little better.....

Uten-silo.....have wanted one for SOSOSOSOSOSO long...in white...by Ingo Maurer...I think it is amazing and it can be found many places that sell modern furniture or toys.

Claw monster from www.Liapela.com

I just love this so much...and it would really be used in our home...designpublic.com

What a great value Candu all in one ...hmmmmm....stardust.com

I am doing just super duper and hope all of you are too. Went to the Zoo yesterday and today we are meeting up at the park with Alison and Esmond. Fun fun....gotta run. :)
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