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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, February 11, 2010 in

this morning...got up...husband was running late...juggled feeding Soren with making two beds, straightening crib, picking up many many many toys....books, hot wheels, trucks, balls...made breakfast for two kids....got one kid showered...hair brushed...hair done...helped with her hives (she broke out yesterday, poor thing) got Soren dressed, helped Memphis get dressed...all the while Mr. Soren is yelling for this and that and really getting mad....wrestled with Soren to get his shoes and socks and coat on....the entire time was a drill sergeant to keep things running on time (just barely) You see my Virgo daughter is not a morning person and does not care for the restraints of time...
oh yeah...did I mention that I also showered, blow dried my hair, flat ironed my hair put on my makeup, got dressed and brushed my teeth? All while doing most of the above?
got out the door
got in the car
drove to school
dropped off daughter
off to Trader Joe's
Soren was a handful and very loud
got many looks
got rice, rice milk, Valentine chocolates and wine for Memphis' teacher, Joe's O's, salami for hubby, Sparkling water, Oyster crackers ( that Soren had to immediately eat from box...tried to stop this but the yelling won out) Tomato basil pasta sauce and one reusable bag (because of course I left all mine in the car)
Phew....oh no...I forgot to get quarters and I have to do laundry....
already in the elevator to parking garage...can't go back
in parking garage
Mr. Soren does not want to get in car
grab screaming boy and into the car seat he goes
kind of
off to bank to get said quarters
where Soren is saying Hi to everyone and being crazy and then won't leave bank
grab screaming boy and put him in car seat with box of oyster crackers...yes the whole box.
Get home
get him to nap
laundry time
How is your day going?

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