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Photo Hunters - Public

CATEGORY: | Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today's Photo Hunters theme is public.

When Mom went to Ireland three years ago, she took a picture of this public toilet in the Village of Cong, where they filmed the movie "The Quiet Man" with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.

Here is another picture of a public toilet. This was taken at Moriarty's - Gap of Dunloe
Industries in Killarney, Ireland.

This public toilet is located in the Irish port of Cobh, formerly known as Queenstown, the last port the Titanic called at on April 11, 1912.

And these toilets are NOT public! MOM! Put that flashy box away so we can take care of business!

Christmas in July

CATEGORY: | Friday, July 30, 2010
This year we partnered with our very good friends, The Kool-Kittie-Krew, for Christmas in July! We were so excited!

Checking out the package the man in the blue shorts brought us. When he came to deliver it, he rang from the lobby and told Mom "Hi Peggy, this is Tom the mailman. I have a package for your cats." He knows us very well as we get lots of packages and cards throughout the year. More than Mom! MOL!

Stuffed to the brim!

"Mom, I think we won the lottery!"
We kept very busy all evening checking everything out and smelling all the smells of Skeeter, Pandora, Cricket and King. They live in the Pocono Mountains so everything had a very clean smell to it.

Even Mom got presents. A very wonderful smelling little jar candle, a Pocono Mountain magnet (which is already on the frig!) and Pocono Mountain key chain.

Even Angel got presents!!! Mom went downstairs to give him his. He was very excited too!

Very cool toys!

And that is really some powerful catnip! It knocked him out almost immediately.

Thank you so much good friends for all of our wonderful presents! We love everything and now will have lots to play with while we stay inside keeping cool from the horrible hots outside.

Also, please keep the Mom of The Kool-Kittie-Krew in your thoughts and prayers. She just found out she is facing more surgery in a few months.


CATEGORY: | Thursday, July 29, 2010
Laila loves to lick her pawbreaker catnip ball.

Taking a break from all the nip rolled up into this ball.

This is the kind of candy we love!

Wordless Wednesday

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toesies Tuesday

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Well, here are three of Laila's toesies anyway. Oh, and her tail and a side view of her tummy.

Mancat Monday

CATEGORY: | Monday, July 26, 2010
Minchie's favorite thing is getting scritches. Mom needs to get some current pictures of him taken as she's run out and is having to go into her archives. This is the day she went and brought Minchie home from the shelter.

Photo Hunters - Hanging

CATEGORY: | Saturday, July 24, 2010
Today's Photo Hunters theme is hanging.

Laila can't quite fit on the top of the cat tree with Minchie.
Parts of her are hanging over in order for her to fit.

Frootbat Friday

CATEGORY: | Friday, July 23, 2010
Here's Minchie showing off his frootbats (and whiskers!) the day Mom went and picked him up at The Buddy Foundation. Those frootbats don't miss much!

Thankful Thursday

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, July 21, 2010
My sweet ladycat and Turkish Princess, Baby Patches, surprised me this week with a box of goodies for me for my birthday!

OMC! I can actually smell her wonderful kitty smells on everything in here!

Thank you so much, my love, for the wonderful gifts, card and freeze dried chicken breast treats. You are such a sweet love for thinking of me on my birthday. Purrs and nosetaps!

Wordless Wednesday


Toesies Tuesday

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Minchie is ony giving up one toesie today.

House wish list

CATEGORY: | Monday, July 19, 2010

We need one of these for hubby's albums...vintage off of craig's list

Love this floor exactly how it is...want it

would be cool somewhere in our place by fermliving

totally WANT

Love these and want to paint it white

Someday a couch like this for basement...something like it if not the same one...from IKEA

So...the house is coming along...working working working.
Going to strip, buff, wax and polish the floors in the basement this weekend....then the painting will begin and boy is there a lot to paint.
Thinking about doing Grey/white/green in the family room....
downstairs bath...maybe a white with a faint tint?
Sewing room...omg I found a great greenish grey...very light and then the rest white?
Shop...white...stairwell grey...
omg how fun...
I will try and be better about before and after photos....:)
I also promise that sooooooooon my Etsy shop will get some new items and Natalie if you are still keeping tabs on me I am going to email you soooon and begin your special requests...also need to redo a trade that I sent to the WRONG address....sorry Jennifer :)

Mancat Monday

Minchie loves to start out each new day with something from the fruit category.

Soren's room

CATEGORY: | Sunday, July 18, 2010

Soren's crib wall done....have had this fabric forever and FINALLY hung it up.

Soren's shelf wall...finished
Kids in Memphis' room this morning playing train...Soren was putting on his hat his own way....

Almost done with Soren's room...just one more wall to finish but this weekend we FINALLY got the crib wall done. I have had that fabric forever and ever and finally Jason made a wood frame to stretch it on. It was hard because the fabric is not completely straight( I mean the print is a little wonky) but we are thrilled with how it turned out. The last wall to do is the wall to the right when you walk in his door. I want to hang a box shelf low and another cool display shelf I have above it and then his car print that I stretched with an Ikea fabric frame set. I love it....
Anywho...we will get to it soon enough....At least Memphis' room is done minus her desk she will one day have. Our room is a mystery to me. I have a great start but need to finish it up...hmmm
Today Jason is off working at the apartment building leaving me with both kids all day and I still have a cold. Touched up the kitchen paint. Made lunch...did dishes....cleaned up many messes...got everyone ready for the day....Soren napped...woke up ate and then we tried to go outside. Memphis had already been playing out on the deck all morning with her playmobil camper....and bunnies....
So we get out in the yard and Soren decides he wants his swimsuit on after all...so we put on his swimmie diaper and suit. All the while Memphis is standing in the kiddie pool looking sour. Then Soren decides he wants to fish in the pool...with his stick fishing pole and of course then Memphis decides she wants to run in and do canon balls...so she is stomping her feet telling Soren to move and he is saying 'Sissy fish now' and so it goes on this way for about 10 minutes or so and I finally step in and say you guys need to share. Memphis you could have done canon balls while he was getting dressed and Soren you have to share the pool with Sissy. So she decides to stomp her foot into the pool splashing Soren with a really big splash and he of course gets upset.
At this point I say that's it...everyone in the house for a time out.
Well...they are screaming upstairs but you know what...I have a basement now and I am just going to wait it out....
Happy Sunday to allllll!!!!

Summer time summer time sum sum summer time.....

CATEGORY: | Saturday, July 17, 2010

As promised...more photos of our new home....
First up...the upstairs bathroom...3 times as big as our old bathroom...not a huge bathroom but big to us....
It has a peach sink, tub, tile, and toilet.....it WAS also painted peach. We changed the wall and ceiling color to 'string of pearls' a white with the slightest hint of pink...It also has a laminate counter top that is a reddish pink color...so....I went with the Marimekko Unikko shower curtain. It was the only one that really went with the counter top color and I HAD to have a Marimekko shower curtain. Then I bought another print by Nosideup....and put the one I had up and the new one right above the toilet. Then I put my cool purple vase with my silver fake leaves in it and added a makeup mirror. It's not in our budget right now to change the vanity, mirror, tub, toilet, sink or tile. So we spruced it up and are very happy. We love all the built ins and storage space :) ....Happy Weekending all!!!!!!!!!!

Photo Hunters - Triangle


Today's Photo Hunters theme is triangle.

This cat bed baby Laila is in has an opening that is in the shape of a triangle.

Happy Birthday Minchie!

CATEGORY: | Friday, July 16, 2010
Today I am six years young! And it's also my former Daddy's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!

Got a birthday card the other day. Would you say this is THE most appropriate card for me, Minchie "The Donald"!

It's from my friend Kiddy! I've already been sung to by Mom many times already and gotten lots of extra breakfast treats. So I'm gonna nap the day away and rest up for the big party tonight. Come one, come all!

Thankful Thursday

CATEGORY: | Thursday, July 15, 2010
Mom found this beautiful huge box down in the garage in the recycling dumpster and brought it up for us.

We love to play with Mr. Mousie in and around the box.

Here you can tell how sturdy the sides are. We love recycled boxes! And as soon as we destroy them, back into the recycling dumpster they go.

Thanks, Mom, for finding the greatest boxes for us!