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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, July 7, 2007 in
Wading Pool Anyone???
Beulah the Jack Rabbit for Leya!!
Floy the Robin for Natalie
Happy 4th!!!
Happy 4th!!
Pacer the baby Jack Rabbit in my shop
Maleko the baby Jack Rabbit Love=Creature in my shop
He used to be a Hawaiian shirt
Huntington the Jack Rabbit Love=Creature in my shop

Denktash the Robin Love=Creature in my shop

Marshall and Clovis in my shop
Clovis and Marshall in my shop
Taliyah the baby Jack Rabbit Love=Creature in my shop
Emmeline the Jack Rabbit Love=Creature in my shop
Other side of Maleko


So I attempted a shop update last night and Etsy went down. I will have to do the rest later today or tonight. Anywho...that's the way it goes sometimes. So we had a busy 4th but mellow at the same time. There was taking it easy in the morning, wading pool in the afternoon and a quick walk down to view the fireworks. Memphis was sooooo excited and went to bed much later than usual which made for a crazy day for me on the 5th. I broke my pinky toe last week so it has been loads of fun gimping around. Lots of thrifting lately and some super scores on fabric. Library visit, parks, dog walks, sending out packages....did a swap with Leya of Curious Bird. Seemed to take me forever but it's finally on it's way...a few more to finish...getting so close. Anywho...I have to run for now...more to share later...Happy Weekending!!!!
Flickr favs....
I so heart yellow
Such a cool photograph not to mention the gorgeous artwork!!
a Super cool photo...love the wooden houses
Such cuteness!!!
Happy 4th
Just around the corner now...
Been really thinking about getting me another one....this one is sooooo adoreable

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