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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, June 30, 2007 in
Man are we beat from our week!!
Ashley G Bearded Man...I LOVE IT thanks so much xoxo

So tired from massive amounts of fun...
Must keep shades on to hide dark circles...
A pile of books usually larger than this one awaits me every morning...
Her new found friend Rosabell...purchased at Archie McPhee
Our city...
First stop Lincoln Park
Next stop visit Rose and baby Lotte
Next stop Archie McPhee
Next Golden Garden's Beach

First I would like to thank Ashley for the gorgeous bearded man!!! WE ALL LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! You are the absolute best of the best and I am glad you had a wonderful birthday xoxo.
Next I would like to thank Jen...I LOVE your work and your blog and you were soooo kind to send me that extra. I MUST collect all your house prints and I will. Thanks so much!!!

So this week was jam packed. Monday dentist, Mema came over to watch Memphis. I found out they are discontinuing my favorite conditioner of allllll times from Aveda. It cost $32.00 for 16 fl ounces and I love it. Looks like the replacement choices are all going to cost $68.00 for 16 fl ounces are you $#@&! kidding me?????? Plus I LOVE it so much. I am allergic to soooo many things and this conditioner...Deep Penetrating Conditioner is so good to us. I was so angry and upset...it's the little things that kill me. Plus the dentist was not fun. Tuesday we had ballet and ran some errands. Wednesday was the Marathon plan with our friend Darcey and her 3 kids. It was a blast but man can that family keep going and going. We met at Lincoln Park in West Seattle, went to our friend Rose's house for a visit with her and baby Lotte, then it was off to Ballard to go to Archie McPhee's and then off to Golden Garden Park/beach. Phew...
Thursday we rested and recovered from Marathon plan walked the dog, went to Post Office and did stuff around the house. Friday we walked dog, did housework, folded laundry from day before, went to post office, went to Goodwill...where I scored on some fabric...went to Library, Cupcake Royale and then went Grocery shopping, got home had din din, put our little cutie to bed and then I sewed and listed a few of my Jack Rabbits. So today...I have to do A LOT of sewing and while Jason and Memphis go and get our brakes fixed (again-His brother may or may not have installed the incorrectly. We shall soon see ) I will get as much done as humanly possible.
A few Flickr favs for you to soak up...
I heart Jelly fish
This cracks me up
Can stop myself
Love this and makes me miss our Churchie so much
Oh I really WANT this
So pretty
Love it
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