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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, December 21, 2009 in

This is a picture of mom's Christmas tree from a Christmas gone by. She just loved it!It had a cat angel tree topper and 99% of the ornaments were kitty ornaments.

Our sisters-who-came-before-us, Cerise (left) and Lilly (right) just loved laying underneath it. This was Christmas 2006, Cerise's last Chrissymouse with mom.

Well, when Christmas 2007 came along, Laila was a 7 month old kitten. Mom slowly introduced her to the tree but no matter what, Laila absolutely would not go into any room that she could see it from as she was terrified of it. And being we live in a one bedroom condo, she was very limited on where she could go. For two weeks mom put up with this and feeling just terrible her little girl was so terrified of it. Well, mom said Laila was more important to her than a tree, so after enjoying it for 2 weeks, one night before Christmas she came home from work and took it all down and put it away. It still took a lot of patience for mom to get Laila to come out into the living room again with it gone, but finally succeeded. Mom has tried much smaller trees and nothing works. She was a terrified little 6 week old feral kitten when she was rescued so who knows what she went through those first 6 weeks.

So, you are probably wondering what happened to the tree? Mom tried to sell it but no one was interested so she donated it last year to Angel's mommy's work as their office tree was falling apart. She hopes to get over there today or tomorrow to visit it and take a picture of it.

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