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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, March 12, 2007 in
Our bunny
Tinker boy
Beaumont SOLD
Robot 1..1..The Easter bunny Gave him to Memphis last year..
made by M. Patrizio

So....the bunnies went into the shop and hopped right out....thanks everyone that purchased one of my bunnies. This batch was really hard for me to part with and I still have not listed Glory the Green bunny above...I just love her too much. We'll see. Anywho...had the flu awhile back and now I have some abdominal issues...went to doctor this morning. They are ruling out everything with blood tests and urine tests....good times. The Doctor thinks I should go to a GI doc which means a colonoscopy for this lucky girl!!! I have had a distended abdomen since last Thursday. I now get to eat a bland diet and take Vicodin for the pain that never stops. He believes it's an intestinal issue...so looks like I will finally be offically diagnosed with IBS!! Ok...I sound sooo awful. I am truly sorry...I'm afraid I am a bit of a crab. Ok..onto happier things. This time I would like to share some blogs I read on a regular basis...so here we go...(keep in mind this is just a handful...there are lots more blogs to share with you later...)

A Bird in the Hand...Lisa Congdon of couse. She is seriously one of my super heros and I have never even met her.
Kitty Genius...Ashley G of course. She is also a hero of mine and an amazing artist. She also makes me laugh. She has a way of writing in her blog that I totally relate to. She also has an
an Etsy Shop.
Pixiegenne...Meg is an amazing artist, person and mother. She totally inspires me and also makes me laugh! We are still saying 'Hot Pocket around here'
She also has an Etsy shop.
Karkovski....Kristina is an amazing stay at home ma that lives in Denmark. One of the top 10 places I would LOVE to visit. Her home is gorgeous and so is she. She also makes me laugh. Plus my maiden name ends in ski! She also has an Etsy shop
Poppalina...Shula is funny, completely talented and well she is my kind of person. I love her sense of humor and her embroidery and sewing skills are amazing.
Shim+Sons...Mimi is a very gifted artist, mother and wow!!! what a sense of style she has. She even makes her cupcakes look mod!! I love her blog!
One Red Robin...Jhoanna is a gifted artist, mother and I love her blog. She also has an Etsy shop.
Soto Softies...Maritza is a wonderful softie maker and she has given me many compliments and brightened my day...she also has an Etsy shop
Artandghost...estrella...her work is amazing and my husband bought me one of her prints. I adore it. Her blog is great too. She's a great person as well and lives in Manchester!!! She also has an Etsy shop.
Shiny Squirrel...Jessica is in the know. She is up on the latest fashions and I check her blog to stay in touch. Being a full time stay at home Ma has me feeling a bit out of sorts and she makes me feel better. I love her taste and she really knows her stuff.
Fifi....just toooooo cute and now has her own Etsy shop...
Bloesem blog....Irene...AMAZING things for you and your home!!! Can't get enough!!!

I also want to remind folks if you are looking for Walruses, elephants, bunnies, or Rhinos you should check out Supermaggie..... and OrangeButton....
There are still some of my Love=Creatures to be adopted there....xoxo
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