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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, June 5, 2007 in

How super cool is that???

Ok...this last Saturday thumbing thru my newest ReadyMade issue that came in the mail just 10 minutes prior and I saw the ReadyMaker Digest section. I flip the pages and my Bunny Wink passes by...I say what the?? I return back to PAGE 5 of the ReadyMaker Digest and I see Wink. Wink was part of my first whsl order to www.Shoporangebutton.com. Wendy had asked me about a month or so ago if I would like to be part of her ad for ReadyMade. I was like...YES!!!! Well I didn't ask any questions and I had NO idea that it was going to be in the ReadyMaker Digest and that my Jack Rabbit Wink was going to 'represent' for ShopOrangeButton.com!!!!! How totally cool is that????? I have almost purchased ad space in ReadyMade but I'm just not there yet...still a little too much our little fam. I just feel sooooo honored and thankful to Wendy. It is such a WONDERFUL surprise. I have been freaking out about it since Saturday...my Ma already went and bought her issue. I still cannot believe it. Also I want to thank any and all of you that buy my stuff, read my blog or check out my Flickr. It means the world to me that people actually like what I make. It also really is a great help to our little fam. We all thank you. I have had a lot of folks be super nice to me of late and I gotta think it's got something to do with Karma. I try my hardest everyday to put as much positive as I can out there. Anywho...I had to thank Wendy...now I just hope my Love=Creatures do well for her!!!xoxoxo
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