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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 in
She was a superhero allllll day! :)
Right before her very first Tap Performance...she did so great!

Memphis was in her very first ever Tap Performance and it was a big deal. The school she goes to is really big and it was fantastic. She was a nervous wreck but did a great job. I am soooo proud of her! My Ma came, Jason's folks and our great friends Eric and Nancy!! Plus Saturday night we got to see our amazing friend Andrea perform. She is/was the lead singer of Pretty Girls Make Graves!! It was their LAST show sadly and it was AMAZING!! She got us in and we got to go backstage( which I always LOVE!! So interesting!) We didn't drink(due to the Tap performance the next day..had to be in tip top for our girl) which made it very surreal. Man it was amazing!!! Seriously...this last weekend and now this week is just flying by. Memphis keeps saying 'It's been a long day Ma.' It cracks me up. Our Tour de Park is back in full effect!! We have hit 2 parks this week and it's only Tuesday...that's right...we might not have play dates lately but we're hitting the parks!! ( Most of her playdates went to kindergarten this year...she missed the cut off by 6 days so...) We have also rediscovered thrifting. We hit Value Village last week, Goodwill yesterday and our 2nd Value Village today. Very little money spent and many books, fabric and a few little tid bits found. We have also walked the dog, had breakfasts, lunches and ran errands. It's Poppy's Day this weekend and we are super excited over here. Poppy promised a day at the beach including picnic. He mentioned it last month...and every single day since then she has asked me many times a day...'Ma...how many days until Father's Day?' Memphis's favorite place on earth is the beach and if she could she would live outdoors. She can't get enough. Our power walking is still going strong and we are now starting to do jog/walk.
Almost done with my SuperMaggie order, the Jack Rabbits above are part of that order. We received the two gorgeous dresses that Martha from Uniform Studio made, 0ne is pictured up above, they are AMAZING!!!!

Sorry I have been missing from my own blog...just super duper buzzzy. Anywho...I leave you with, of course, some new Flickr favs....
bet you can't guess who sang the title of my post...without googling!!!xo

This dog is so gorgeous...
Love, love this photo
This is so beautiful
Love this shot
I just love this...
I own this book and I soooo love it.
I just think this is cute....xo
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