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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, July 18, 2007 in
Cartoons in the afternoon
Granger and Northrop the 3rd Conjoined Jack Rabbit Love Creatures made for Allison Sommers
Northrop and Granger the Conjoined Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures made for Allison Sommers....

She was a big hit at Greenlake park yesterday...

Okay...this is crazy...I am still up and can't sleep so I thought....why not get some stuff done.
My brain feels crazy and I will be sorry tomorrow but it happens to me sometimes. I just have so much on my mind I can't sleep. We have been busy, running errands, ballet, wading pools, dog walks...we went a new way today on our dog walk and it was super fun!!!! I love sales especially when something is on sale that you have been dreaming of!!! I found my cutie a pair of Campers for Kindergarten...on sale!!! While she was at Ballet I went window shopping and found these at a super cool kid's shoe store called Sole Food. It was crazy but I have been coveting them for awhile now and they were on sale!!!. Yep...that's right...and she LOVES them. I am busy with special orders right now and I also have a few whsl orders to start very soon....summer is just so fun and busy....and it is our last hurrah before Kindergarten when our new life begins. Mine and Memphis's ....so weird to think about.
I have also been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am. I have an amazing life and I am proud of myself. I almost feel balanced lately... I still would really, really love another kid but not so sure it's in the cards....I just LOVE being a Ma....soooo much....xox
anywho....I will be adding a few Jack Rabbits to the shop...
Arden is in there right now as I type this... sorry Arden SOLD

Must sleep now....

okay....a few flickr favs couldn't hurt....
okay....I want these
must read this
something my night owl ass rarely sees
hello I love you
so cute it hurts...
must own...I feel like this allllll the time...reading peoples energies...it's freaky man
so funny
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