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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, September 6, 2007 in

Lisa Congdon one of my real life heroes sent me some fabric!!!!! She has a show opening today at The Candy Store, 3153 16th St. in San Francisco, 6:30-8:30!!! It's called the Tenderhearted and you can see the work here...but if you can go you should!! Anywho...she is a blogging/flickr friend of mine and I so heart her and her work is just amazing. I did a posting about her awhile ago so you know how much I admire her. Anywho...thanks so much Lisa you are amazing and I know your show will be fantastic. Also I got a BIG package from my biggest customer/and Etsy Friend Natalie and I am going to post about it tomorrow....we rec'd it last week but I have been crazy with life.
I am working on 4 whsl orders...my poor shop is empty...almost...but hey...I only have two hands. The Storque featured me today which is fantastic...wish my shop was full. Maybe I can finish some almost done pieces to at least make it look better. Memphis' 6th birthday is today. I am going to do a 2nd posting for that later. We had a party for her last Sunday at the beach. It was a dino theme this year. Yesterday was her very first day of school...omg...I can't stop crying. I just miss her sooooo much. I now have a whole new life and I want the old one back. I am super duper proud of her. She did not cry or freak out and was very brave although completely terrified. Jason took yesterday off to drop her off with me and pick her up. He really intended on only having the morning off but when our bathroom shower faucet would not stop running we declared it a plumbing emergency. So he went with me to drop her off and left straight away to meet the plumber. I stayed and learned about the PTA and the new principal. Yep...that's right...I am going to be on the PTA. I even signed up for some volunteer duties and plan on signing up for more at the first meeting. Dropping her off all by myself today was completely different but I was excited for her. She was wearing a special birthday outfit and I put a Happy Birthday pin on her sweater. At her school they don't let you bring food for Birthdays...instead you have the option to bring in a brand new book and you decorate a bookplate that says you donated the book in honor of your child's birthday. They get to print their name and then draw a small picture. Then the book stays in the class to be used for story time and at the end of the year it goes to the library. Oh and on their birthday it is the book her teacher reads for story time. So cool...I just love that idea. We donated Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton Trent by Lauren Child. We heart Lauren child...I happily discovered her when Memphis was about 2. We bought I will never not Ever Eat a Tomato and then That Pesky Rat and What Planet Are You From Clarice Bean and Clarice Bean That's Me and now have loads more. We are avid fans and when we saw previews for the Charlie and Lola cartoon we about flipped and have been watching it ever since. If you don't know about Lauren Child...you do now and you will thank me because she is amazing.
Okay...time for some Flickr favs
Love this
WOWSA!!! Her show opens today!
Super cool shot
How cyber

So I will be posting about Memphis' Birthday next and tomorrow about my gorgeous package from the wonderful Natalie!!!!!
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