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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, October 9, 2007 in

This week is just flying by for me...so much to do...so much to do. Memphis continues to love school. Plush You is this Friday!!!! I am very excited!!! Go if you are in town it's really amazing to see.

Rare Device is opening really soon and it is a lot of fun to hear about all the progress they are making. Wish I could go to the opening...go if you are in San Francisco!!!
Rare Device SF
1845 Market Street
San Francisco, California 94103

We have a leaky roof and are having trouble getting somebody to work on it...so much fun. If you live in Seattle and have anyone that's good let me know asap...:)

Starting to think about how to make Memphis' robot costume.....needs to be warm and comfy.
They get to wear it to school in the morning and we get to go trick or treat with the whole class for an hour...how fun.

Finally finished my order for Grumbletoy...now I just have to do the bios and tags and photos....what a great feeling to be done!!! Phew....

Now on to the next one.

Oh I got into Urban Craft Uprising again and am thrilled. Last year was really fun and I am glad to be going again...but I have a ton of work to do to get ready.....aaaaahhhh.

The photos above are Gucci...my alert watch dog.
Buses I see daily.
My favorite number...12!!! I was born on 12/12 pretty cool huh? My brother was born on 3/3!

Ok...here are a few...just a few...flickr favs...

I love Pinecones...
Just love this photo
Great shot...love the glasses
So cool to see my work around the world...thanks!!
Seriously...this is so cute
Great photo
I love this
What a great gift!!!
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