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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 in

Snow flake flowers Memphis made for me because I am sick. :)
Seven things about my Chihuahua Gucci....

1. He loves to do what we call the wiggle waddle. He rolls around on his back on the carpet and has a good ole time. He also does the wiggle waddle every morning on Memphis' damp towel that she tosses on the ground while she gets dressed. It's really funny to see. Sometimes if she is cuddled on the rug too long wrapped in her towel, avoiding getting dressed, Gucci will take his nose and try to flick the towel off of her.

2. Gucci snorts all the time. He didn't used to but as he gets older he snorts when he is happy, when he takes a deep breath to relax, when he is sniffing around our home and well a whole bunch of other times. So Jason keeps calling him Pig Dog which Memphis and I do not like. It is funny though...and because of this he also snores....sometimes really loud.

3. Gucci is in LOVE with my Ma...he loves Gemini women in general but if you say my Ma's name out loud his ears perk up his head tilts and he goes looking for her. When he was younger and my Ma would leave he would sit by the door with his nose pointed towards it waiting for her to return sometimes for as long as an hour. He even sat up on a chair once for about an hour just looking out the window for her. He is just so funny.

4. Gucci loves to give kiss attacks....especially surprise kiss attacks. He just can't control himself.

5. Gucci does not like it when I sew at night and will just stand and stare at me until I take a break on the couch so he can lay down by me. He is so crazy sometimes I have to put his dog bed on a chair next to my sewing chair and pet him a bunch.

6. Gucci can sit up like a circus dog and does it all the time.

7. Gucci has about a billion facial expressions and I can read almost all of them. He is very spoiled and will only eat dog food that is organic, real and doesn't have bi-products.

I just love my dog....and he loves all of us and is super even if he is a bit nutso.
He can not handle strangers and will nip if pressed. Not good I know but he is an alpha male and I adore him.
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