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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, June 16, 2008 in

Lisa Congdon's Show at Velouria in Seattle...I just love it all....

The marvelous Diana Fayt, me, amazing Lisa Congdon and of course Memphis

Lisa and Soren

I also met Ambika of Into the Fray

Such a great Poppy!!!

Flea market find!!!

Flea market find!!!

Flea market find....

Amazing shelf...flea market

Super Memphis returns

So....this weekend was wonderful. My family and I went to Wondermountain and won the trifecta!! The trifecta of bloggy land that is. This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to met not only Lisa Congdon...one of my heroes but also the dirt cool, super talented Diana Fayt and as if that was not enough...I also met super hip, makes amazing jewelry, super sweet Into the Fray Blog... Amibka!
Lisa was just like I thought she would be...dressed to the nines, real, down to earth, funny, very smart and has a magnificent life force surrounding her. It was just amazing to finally meet her in person and now we are no longer just virtual friends. Diana was also amazing...and blew me away. She was super great to chat with and just a super incredibly nice person. She also did some drawings with Memphis which was really sweet! Both ladies were superb with my kids (Lisa Couldn't wait to hold Soren) and Memphis (although you don't always know it) was in love with them both. It was such a treat to spend some quality time with them both. Thanks ladies we all enjoyed it. Then later that night we went to Lisa's show Wondermountain at Velouria a super cute shop in Ballard. Lisa's work was even more vibrant and alive in person and so detailed..I loved it all. Jason was a big, big fan of her Birch trees and Memphis and I adored the castles. Soren mostly slept thru it but was really trying hard to vocalize just how much he loved all the art and the folks that came out to see it. I was hoping I would see Ambika and I did...she is just absolutely lovely and so is her beau. We chatted it up and hopefully we will meet again...maybe for a drink or coffee? I also got to see Kristen which was an added treat. She is such a nice person and once upon a time I saw her more often. I have not gotten out much so it had been awhile and she got to meet Soren. It really was an experience I will always cherish. Lately I have been a bit blue and it really cheered me up and inspired me now I just have to keep my energy levels up so I can do something with all this inspiration!!!
Then on Poppy's Day we started our own family tradition of just hanging out and taking it easy. We went yardsaling, because Jason said 'There might be a few' no such luck....but we ended up at the Fremont Flea Market and I am in love. Man...I have to go more often. I have not been since they put up all those new big buildings. We found some fabu stuff and for dirt cheap. So...all in all it was a really amazing weekend and I am just so very grateful to have such a great family and to know so many talented, wonderful, true folks. I really do have a blessed life and I am thankful for it daily.

Here are some recent flickr favs...it's been awhile.
of course
such a nice person...
so pretty
I love this
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