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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 in

So yesterday my Ma came over and watched the kids.....OMG it was amazing. I got to get my packages ready, do some light house work, go to the post office and Target and it was so weird to do it all on my own. It really made me realize why I am so tired and get worn out. You see although I LOVE my children very very much...I am one of those people that NEEDS some down time...I NEED quiet and alone time and I NEED to get things done. Yes we play...we go for walks...we have play dates but it was sooooo nice to just be able to get done what I needed to without interruptions. Maybe my Ma will do that more often...:)
In other news I have 17 more Jack Rabbits in the works...and 6 Floppy earred bunnies and hopefully even more will be hopping into the shop by week's end. For any of you that wanted more nautical Jack Rabbits...I have 3 almost done and will try very hard to have them in my shop by days end. We have a busy day ahead...it's Spring Break for us so lots to do, lots to see and much to enjoy....
some recent Flickr favs for you my lovelies....
one of My Jack's new homes
makes me smile
want these pants....
so funny
missed out again :(
Gucci is in love
I make walruses too but this one is amazing
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