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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, March 26, 2009 in

First of all these are all Meg's photos and I hope she doesn't mind but I am borrowing them for this post.

Okay....so Meg has lost her camera which has made her re-think her blogging life....she has also been short on craft/art projects to share of late and is addicted to Facebook(ugh). So I am starting a campaign to tell meg how amazing Pixiegenne is...seriously people we can't lose Pixiegenne. It is one of my all time favorite blogs by one of my all time favorite people. I have never met Meg in real life but when I read her blog I sometimes think we were separated at birth. We have a scary lot in common. Plus she makes stuff like this....

This was made for Memphis....and WE LOVE IT!!!!!!
She fills it up with all her treasures all the time and takes it on any Grandparent/family visits. I think it is so amazing. You can see way more gorgeous items Meg created here....

My favorite wreath ever...made by Meg
Makes gorgeous pin cushions
Finds amazing vintage books and makes amazing art work with them
Makes amazing stuffies

Loves to thrift....just look at all these people that Love Pixiegenne
Makes amazing Hook art work...I LOVE this
Husband has cool tattoos.....

Makes the best sock monkey/robots EVER

Then there are the amazing links she always provides...like today when she linked us all to this.... and this..... as you can see I am a freak for Where the Wild Things are and also for Neil....
Geez....I LOVE NEIL and without Pixiegenne and Meg I would have been in the dark about this. She has linked me to some super amazing Youtube links
like this....
and this
and this
There are oh sooooo many more. Seriously I was soooooo happy today. I woke up and was no longer super duper tired and did not feel sick. The sun was shinning. Soren was still asleep making it easier for me to shower and get ready (well at least partially) My daughter did not fight with me to get ready and MEG POSTED ON PIXIEGENNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So seriously folks...please go to Pixiegenne and tell Meg just how much you adore her and her blog....She is amazing and I know we can save Pixiegenne....I just know we can.
Meg....thanks for all you do and share and most of all thanks for being you. I truly hope you keep blogging and if I can I will raise the funds to get you that new camera...at least I put it out there....OMG NEIL!!! That made my day. :)
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