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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, May 2, 2009 in
So....I am feeling a bit better today and have FINALLY listed the 4 Medium Jacks that have been waiting to be listed....sorry for the delay. I am also working on a bunch more Love=Creatures...a few floppy earred bunnies and others...
So in blogging news...over the next couple of weeks...when my hubby has time...I plan on seriously updating this blog...I want to make it more interesting and I have a lot of ideas...let's hope I can find the time. I would love to do a weekly shop...meaning letting all of you know about a very cool shop I love weekly...I would also love to interview people in the future and I am going to try and post everyday or every other...I will be giving you more links...more photos and hopefully it will also spur on my creative energy which has been stop and go. So cross your fingers for me...
I will leave you with a few flickr favs

I love this so much...
think this is so pretty
makes me smile
Just saying Dr. Astro and thinking of this dog makes me laugh
I want these jeans....love the room too...and the whole outfit!!
want want want want
I just keep watching this...
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