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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, May 19, 2009 in

(all above photos are from Meetall's shop and are not mine. I am just using them to share her beautiful work)

Meetalls on Etsy is an amazing jewelry shop. It's all so very well made, so modern, so simple and so gorgeous. I would love to own many many pieces from this shop and hope to own at least one very soon. I don't know much about the woman behind the shop except she is a genius and she is located in Argentina and speaks Spanish. She has an incredible eye for design and if you have not seen her shop...run right now and take a look...you won't be sorry.....:)

In other news...I am going to try and stay on task today. Post office, errands, dog walk, housework...go go go. Soren is napping right now so I better get busy.....Happy Tuesday!!!
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