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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, May 28, 2009 in

From Brightonmoon...Kriya Davis is wicked talented and super nice!!

Love this from Bobnstitch...she also does a super gorgeous ruffle scarf

From Hende...I have a super cool pair from her...so amazing!!
I love these jeans from the Gap...love them

So so so good from Sweetie Pie Press
the first Urban Craft Uprising I did...they were there and they were making buttons/pins the whole entire time while they sold...it was so cool.
From eRosajewelry...this is even more amazing in person...I got this for a gift for a good friend :)

Both of these Gladiator sandals came from Zappos and are by Born...I have the top ones and love them...now I just need a pedicure :) FYI...did you know when you type in Gladiator sandals at Zappos there are 842 styles....WHOA!!

Dropped off Memphis
Hit the U-Village...which I have a love/hate with. It's a nice outdoor mall in Seattle and it's very pleasant and now has an H & M!!! The bummer is I find it very Elitist and I am often treated rudely...ie...I bought a hanging fruit Basket and we hung it up and put 3 apples in it and the chain broke...well of course I took it back but the lady who was NOT helping me said...'That's Funny, I have had mine for 3 years and it currently has about 30lbs in it.' So I asked her if she didn't believe me about the poor (crap) quality of the basket I was returning and she just said that it's weird because hers has lasted so long...Long story short I let her know that I thought she was being rude to me. I won't mention the STORE even though I am ABLE to....but apparently she thought that was a perfectly fine thing to tell me even though it had nothing to do with my CRAPPY basket that I was returning. Not to mention that I was BUMMED about it because I was super duper excited to hang it up...after poor Jason had a bit of a time with it. Our building is OLD so when you put up hooks it take a bit of work and Spackle. I used to work in retail so I do not appreciate it when people treat me rudely or make me feel as if I am not being honest. Seriously...she thought it was FUNNY that my basket turned out to be crap???? aaaahhh
So sorry, being a stay at home Ma with only a 1 year old to talk to I had to get that off my chest...
okay dokey...back to loving life...
So I accidentally went into H & M but only bought two colored tanks...phew.
Then, of course I had to dash into Anthro...and I found a padded letter S to hang by Soren's crib...it was on mark down which was even better.
Anywho...got some sewing done last night and will soon share...
Happy Thursday to all!!!
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