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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, May 18, 2009 in
I absolutely love the photo of the cat with the towel buns... it reminds me of our Churchie...who is no longer with us, the colors are so great and it makes me laugh.
I love Flickr so very much and there are so many reasons. There is always so much inspiration to be found. Then there are the amazing Flickr folks that I converse with and share the love. It is so fun to leave comments and favorite photos. When I am feeling a bit down I scroll thru my favs and it always cheers me up. It also inspires me to keep taking photos. It reminds me I am not alone. It lets me see things and meet folks I otherwise would not of had the chance to see or meet. It shows me that many creative folks are in similar places in their lives and that some of my short comings are not so bad after all. It reminds me to break out of my routine and try something new. It lets me find treasures...sometimes too many. It lets me experience other people's joys and sorrows. Photos say so very much. I miss photo school a lot and doing photo shoots. It was so much fun creating my own reality all the time. Flickr makes me feel some of the feelings I had while in photo school and that's a very good thing. It is something I do every single day and I just Love Flickr.

Our weekend was busy. We did things around our place, went on long dog walks to the park. Played at the playground, had lunch outside, did our major food shopping, read books, watched some movies, hubby had to work....so today I feel very tired and am looking forward to the week and the long weekend to come. Hope your weekend was fabulous...happy Monday :)
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