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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, June 1, 2009 in

This is the new life of Birgit the Lumi doll made by the very amazing and talented Fanja Ralison of Le Train Fantome. FINALLY I have one of her gorgeous dolls and it is in MY collection...not my daughter's....she will have to get one too...someday. So I named her Birgit and I will be taking her on many adventures to come. So stay tuned. On this day, her first day with me, we went on a dog walk around our hood and then later to the car wash with the kids...Birgit Loved the car wash so very much and she likes the area she now lives in. She finds it very green and relaxing even though it is a big city. Birgit loves to read and spends many hours reading and looking out the window or sitting outside reading. She is a lot of help around our home. Always cheering everyone up. Birgit is just so gorgeous and I look forward to many wonderful years with her. Thanks Fanja!!!! xoxoxo
Check our Fanja's Flickr for more amazing work...she is truly a genius.
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