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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, June 12, 2009 in

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Woke up in the night about 6 or 7 times
Soren has a cold and could not sleep
Jason had to get the outdoor rocking chair
and bring it in
We don't really have enough room for one
but maybe
we should re-consider that
Got both kids ready for school
Memphis did not feel well
but she did not have a fever
So...she took some Tylenol and off we went
to pick up one
of her classmates that needed a ride
If only you knew how amazing that is in and of itself
since we are forever battling the morning
down to the very last second.
Phew, we made it in time
came home
watered the yard
wanted to go grocery shopping
Soren had another plan
Bottle and sleepy time
So...the day is still ahead of me
and there is much to do...much to do...
If you get a chance head down to Schmancy tonight
for Fiber Arctic 25 Fiber Artists ponder the environment and it's impact on the Arctic-one stitch at a time...wish I could go but alas...Jason has plans and I will not be able to attend...bummer
it should be amazing so go go go and take a lot of photos so I can see too!!
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