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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 in

These shoes by Type Z are amazing....not sure they will work for me but I LOVE themTube Necklace by Klei

Nonchalantmom...gorgeous kids clothing and some for Mom too...check it out

I love the work of Jonas Lofgren Furs...so amazing and I am also an Olsen Twin junkie...sssshhh

Soren would look super cute in the Tiny Mammoth t-shirt...:)

Woke up
Soren woke up...I think 3 times last night
He still has a cold
So then Memphis was grouchy too
needless to say...I was grouchy
my hubby was grouchy
been up since 5:40 kinda
sort of laid in bed for a few but not really sleeping
Beautiful day outside
Field Day tomorrow at Memphis' school
too tired to write much
have a lot on my mind
trying to improve my life
thinking a lot about being more minimal
don't want to consume
consumption is consuming me
but I LOVE so many things
things make me tired
lists run thru my head
never stopping
type A personality
wish I was leaving on a trip to Europe today
wouldn't it be nice to be in the South of France
the Amalfi Coast in Italy
or shopping in Sweden or Denmark for fabric
Living thru my daydreams now
okay starting to feel much better
smile is working it's way to my face
thanks for stopping by
because you make my day
Hope you are having a wonderful day :)

Natalie if you are reading this...making great progress now
Andrea if you are reading this...call me :)

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