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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 in

( I have borrowed the above Photos from Martha)

Martha of the famous Uniform Studio is coming to SEATTLE!!!
and I get to meet her!!!
I am so very excited.

If you have never heard of Uniform Studio go right now and check out Martha's blog.
She is a SUPER Mom, a genius seamstress/designer, an Architect, a teacher, an amazing photographer, an expert knitter, a super wife, an amazing artist and person and I feel so very excited that soon, very soon we will be REAL LIFE friends and not just web friends :)
Anywho... more about our visit next week...

will be sewing up a storm to try and fill my shop in the weeks to come...
a bit crazed with the end of school
and Soren's cold.
life is good.
Have a wonderful day and remember right now is all we have there is no guarantee that more is to come so enjoy every minute of your day and really take it all in....find the good in everything and try to slow down...

Not much else to say right now.
Soren will be waking up soon.
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