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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 in

(all the above photos belong to Marilyn and I am just using them for this posting)

I have been a BIG fan of Marilyn Patrizio's Timmies ever since I laid eyes on them sometime in 2006!! I love ALL her stuffies...I love her sense of humor and she is so talented. When I first started selling on Etsy I did a trade with her and it was so great...Memphis named him robot 3-3 and still adores him :)!! I took the below Bio from her website...check it out....and check out her shop....her blog and her Flickr and run over right now and get your very own Timmie :)

Marilyn Patrizio was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She is a freelance
illustrator, fine artist and soft toy designer.

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts
degree in Illustration in 2000 she began
working as a staff illustrator
at a children's educational software company. In 2004 she dove into the world of
freelance illustration and has enjoyed collaborating with local and international
clients ever since. In the beginning
of 2005 she discovered the art of crochet toys
also known as Amigurumi. This was perfect for her because her mother
had taught her how to crochet many years before, and this was a great way to incorporate
3-D items into her work.
After a few months of experimentation making free form soft toys
she decided to start a company called So Softies
in March 2005. She's grown the So Softies
line to now include stationery, t-shirts and accessories featuring the
original characters that she's created.

When Marilyn is not designing she enjoys stuffing her face with pizza, scavenging the internet
for cute items, and
sipping coffee at cozy cafes.
She also makes notebooks, t-shirts, stickers and many many other things...she is amazing....

Memphis stayed home sick....ear infections, yup two....
spent day
going to Doctor
getting medicine
the first time we rec'd pills...Memphis threw them up
so then we had to call and ask for liquid form
back to Pharmacist...wait some more
liquid did the trick...
I feel pretty stupid about it too.
When we were at the Doc's she asked Memphis if she could take pills.
Memphis said yes and the whole time I was thinking...WHEN?
So I let her write out the prescription for the pills all the while thinking...hmmm....
this seems wrong...
I was tired what can I say?
she went to school today but
The Doctor said she was ok to go to school...no fever...and it is her last week...
one of her favorite friends in her class will be leaving the school and transferring so this will be it...
his family is tough so play dates are really hard.
English is their second language and I have tried to chat with them, given them a photo I took of their child and Memphis but not much happened...soooo I will try this summer but who knows....
I hope she makes it and is feeling better by
that's it from here
thanks goodness for my dear Mother
who came over and watched Soren
she was off yesterday and spent the day
helping me...
I love my mother :)
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