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Posted by Admin Eson on Sunday, July 5, 2009 in
When our sister, Lilly, was so sick last year, Mom went out and bought this special bed for her. Lilly loved it and spent many hours snoozing away on it.

Just recently Mom found it in a bag in our storage locker and let us have a go at it. Here I am checking out the Lilly smells still on it.

Just as I laid down and started getting comfy, Laila came over for a major sniffing confirming it was indeed Lilly's bed.

I sure can understand why Lilly loved this little bed so much!

Front view.

Top view. For some reason Mom is obsessed with the top of my head and loves taking pictures of it. I must admit it is indeed a beautiful piece of art!

The little pillow is just right for laying your head on.

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