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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 in

Swooooooon....this is from Mette over at Etsy

From Old Navy....although I think it's gone now

I love this so much...maybe hubby could make something similar....this one is from
Via Toy Box

MUST have some of these...from Re Modern

Sold....from Frecklewonder.....so so so bummed. I really really really wanted this...isn't it AMAZING

New sheets I got from TJ Max....they are amazing and were once very expensive :)

Jane Foster....in love

From the VERY talented Tania of Super Ninon

I want Jason to make two of these for our living area and man would the kids love 'em
this one is from School Outfitters

So....let's see.
Swim lessons for two weeks in West Seattle...at Coleman Pool in Lincoln park...a total trek but what adventures we had.
Play dates
a weeeee bit of sewing
too much stress
things going wrong
life taking a turn
making the best of it all
trying to stay on top
fighting to push ahead
happy to be blogging
a family reunion on husband's side
trip to Portland coming up in August
maybe a day trip to the coast or San Juan overnight?
Heat wave that is so so so crazy
in the upper 90's and going to reach 101 today
unheard of in Seattle
more sweating
sold out
baby waking up
at least I posted
Happy Summer :)

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