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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, July 24, 2009 in
How exciting! A package to me from my ladycat, Baby Patches for my birthday last week! Oh, how I can smells her lovely ladycat smells on the box.

Here is what was inside. Those Power Patties that is the current rave, a package of leather mousies and a package of the little crinkle balls. And my Ladycat's calling card. I sure hope she doesn't send them out to just anyone!

I never saw a leather mousie before. Being the connoisseur of little play mousies, I gave it a 5 star.

Now these patties smell very interesting.

Now, let's just sniff it a lot and see what it's all about. Sadly to say, I just walked away from it. Not like Baby Patches who will take her Mom down for them. My Mom is very disappointed I didn't like them. She says I'm just not refined like my Ladycat. Hey, what do us midwest kitties know anyway about the finer things in life. Mom says she's gonna try again, but put them where we usually get out treats the next time to see it I'll like it better.
Thanks again, Baby Patches, for all the wonderful purresents and thinking of me on my birthday!!! I am your loving mancat forever and ever!

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