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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, July 6, 2009 in

There was a Zoo trip...
meeting up with old friends and new....
lots more dog walks...
A trip over to West Seattle to have a play date with a very good friend...I had 3 kids in tow all on my own :) phew
Then there was the very Exciting and much anticipated Entourage in the evenings after kiddies went to bed...
flowers given by a good friend
a small bit of sewing
much purging went on...gathered approx 3 bags of stuff to sell at upcoming yardsale...and sent some to Give away...will also pass a few toys on to a good friend.
Errands to Goodwill, Trader Joe's, the Car wash all on my own....what a nice break that was :)
Not much at the thrift...a few books for Memphis and a GLORIOUS pair of wool/linen trousers for mister Soren by Flora and Henry no less....don't see that too often :)
a trip to Ikea and a new lamp....FINALLY!!! also a new shelf in Memphis' room for stuffies
and of course the 4th of July!!!
OH life...you give us so very much and when we choose to see the good and the beauty it can overwhelm us with joy....
yes...finally I am feeling oh so much better.
My creative energy is here again and I am dying to get sewing....:) Happy Monday...
Shop of the week later tonight...off to swim lessons all the way in West Seattle....:)
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