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Posted by Admin Eson on Tuesday, August 4, 2009 in

So...this summer is flying by and I really can not believe it is already August. Memphis will be 8 years next month and will start the 2nd grade....geez! Soren will be 16 months old this month which is getting so very close to 2 years old.
Jason rec'd a new title at work which will improve things for our family. We are still trying to live happily in our small place and are most of the time. We had a yard sale and sold some stuff but most importantly we donated every single thing that was left. We cleaned out our storage spaces, our apartment and his tools. We got rid of mis matching dishes, old towels, toys that we just don't need, clothing that we have out grown and much much more. It felt so great. We have had a record warm/sunny summer here in Seattle and have been trying to stay cool. Memphis took swim lessons and loved it. We went to a roller skating party. We have been to Whidbey Island to go to Fort Casey for a Family reunion on Jason's side. We have been to many parks and some wadding pools. Soren and I met Martha!!!! She is just as amazing as I thought she would be. We made friends with Alison and Esmond...which was a wonderful surprise!! I met Alison on Flickr and she lives right here in Seattle. Her and her son are so great and we have gotten together with the kids a bunch this summer :). Soren has had his first shower and loved it. There is much much much more I am leaving out but you get the idea. Soren is so active that we are all tired at the end of each day. He is just adorable and brings us so much joy every single day. We are really a family of 4 now and it feels fantastic. We are the FANTASTIC FOUR!!! It is still very weird to say that I have kid (s)....two kids....I am a mother of TWO kids. Still very weird. I have also been battling a very strange depression that is riddled with a lot of panic attacks and so much anxiety ( which is what Panic attacks are) I made my first ever call to a therapist only to discover she was not for me. Sparing you the details it was not a good experience. So the hunt continues and I now have a few new leads thanks to my good friend Andrea and my husband. Jason and I are still way too tired but very much looking forward to the days that will bring more solid sleep as Soren almost sleeps thru the night. Memphis slept thru the night when she was little and it was so nice. Soren does not....and although he only wakes up once (most nights) it is still a break in sleep that makes a huge difference. Especially since he is up by 6:45-7am each day....sometimes earlier. I am trying to sew but not finding time these days and the anxiety issues I am facing are making loads of really simple things very hard. Life is a process and this is my time to process my issues as I can no longer ignore they exist. As I have mentioned on my blog I was repeatedly molested by my Grandfather when I was 6 years old and I have never been to therapy. My family doesn't believe in it and actually frowns upon it like it is something for weak people. Something that nobody really NEEDS to do. I was taught to just focus on the good and make the best of it and not hang on to the past...just move on. Well...it hasn't really worked for me but I am very proud of how much work I have done on my own. I feel much better about myself and life in general then I did 10 years ago. Anywho....my head has been filled with so much lately and I have been afraid to share any of it here. So, if you are reading this it means you have stopped by my little blog and I just want you to know....I really appreciate you. I do this blog for myself really but it is a pleasant surprise when folks say such wonderful things about me, my kids, my life, my Love=Creatures and I really can not thank you enough. So next month I am going to do a give away...I have to work out the details but I love giveaways and will share the details when I have them worked out.
Happy August everyone....it's going to be a great Fall...I can just feel it! Besides...it is my all time FAVORITE season of all and I get to wear COATS SOOOOOOOOON!!! YAY for COATS!!!!
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