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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, August 20, 2009 in

Hey....did you see my sister...she was riding her bike all by herself...
that's awesome!!


I really like sprinklers

So it would seem that life has delivered us some unexpected surprises....Memphis is going to be 8 at the beginning of next month so we bought her birthday present early. You see...she out grew her first bike and still could not ride it. She basically was terrified and no matter what we did or said...it did not work. So we just decided to wait until she was ready. She went with her Dad and our friend Robby, her god father, and she picked out a sweet bike. That, by the way, was on super mark down and can be passed on to her brother later on. So...with new bike in hand or maybe under foot...we headed off to the lower part of the park near us and started in with some lessons. Now these all took place while Jason was at work so I had Soren in the stroller and Gucci hooked up to the stroller on his leash and I did a lot of running back and forth and mostly I did a lot of cheer leading, good thing I was one for 2 years....I had to keep telling her to say can not can't...will not won't and to believe she could do it. After many tears and her asking me things like "Why are you doing this to me?" "You are going too fast!" "I won't do this...I won't" "I am a terrible bike rider!" and so on... we finally started making progress. The next day was more of the same and on the third day, even though she was very mad at me for it and still crying, I taught her to start the bike herself. She fought it with every ounce of her being until she realized she COULD do it and she would NOT get hurt. Then I suggested we move onto the sidewalk. I really pushed the issue and even though she ran into the bushes and there was a whole lot more crying by the next day she was riding on the sidewalk. Today we didn't even go on the dirt path at all and she is doing great. We have a ways to go but I am so very very very proud of her and also of myself. I have way more patience than I ever knew and I really did stay positive.
Tonight we are looking at the house we love again and with any luck....who knows....send good energy and thoughts our way. Happy Thursday all.....still have to post a few things but life is really turning around and so very fast.
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