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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, August 24, 2009 in

all the above photos came from Idea2Lifestyle's Etsy shop....

I stumbled on this shop, Idea2lifestyle, a bit ago and I just love so many pieces in their collection...I really want one in particular. Here is the profile from their Etsy site......

They are unique, they are only for those who love art, passionate about life, dare to be different and special. So be brave to try our pieces and to be yourself:)

Currently our team members are:
Ben, Gloria, shoufu, Yangyang, Summer, Duan sifu(paterning for new designs), Chan, Lee, gerald, gerald's dad(regular fabric ordering) and mum(ironING and packing).
We take part in every part of the every piece, so the piece is designed and made by our team instead of individual.

We don't attach brand tags on clothes, cos you will cut them when you wear, and we hope it is the very design attract you instead of brand.
Currently gerald runs the shop and liason with buyers.

We sincerely hope you will like our unique pieces and we will do our best to provide quality pieces and good service.

Go and check it out...you won't be sorry......

In other news...we went to my Ma's this weekend and visited with fam and I had the pleasure of meeting with the beautiful Ambika. She was so very helpful in advising me about buying our first home....she also recommended a coffee shop by the REI and I got to do a wee bit of shopping after our meeting. I went to Velocity...I love that store and got to see some of Lisa and Ashley's prints. Super gorgeous!!! I was very tempted to buy this super cute modern kid's chair but did not. Then I went to Tottini...where I looked at EVERyTHING and bought miss Memphis these...Giant Play and learn and Charlie Harper's coloring book. It got me thinking a lot of artists should come up with their own color books....I would totally buy them. Thanks Ambika for meeting up with me and I hope we do it again many times :). Happy Monday all
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