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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, August 5, 2009 in
All of the above finger puppets and the tote are by the talented PintassilgoPrints over at Etsy...they also have a blog...http://www.pintassilgo.com.br/blog/. I stumbled across them a few weeks ago and fell in love with their shop. I really love the Beatles finger puppets the most because they remind me of my Uncle Bill...who used to call and sing Beatles songs and play them too. He was a musician. I just think all of the finger puppets have such a wonderful sense of humor and their totes and prints are amazing too....so if you have never checked them out....do it now..... they are located in Brazil but you can find them on Etsy....of course :)

Also I really want to thank Janne, Erin, Tricia, Natalie, Sarah and Joline for all your sweet and kind words about yesterdays post....they really mean a lot to me....so I send you a BIG heartfelt thank you!!!!!!xoxoxoxo
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