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Posted by Admin Eson on Thursday, September 10, 2009 in

I just can not believe it is almost fall....geez fall is here...almost...my favorite season of the year!! So I am loosing it AGAIN. Trying to do too much feeling like I am getting nothing done...running on empty and pushing myself up each hill...giving it all I got! phew......
Memphis started 2nd grade yesterday!!! 2nd Grade!!! She is so amazing. I adore every single inch of that kid. She loves school and this year is extra special. She got to be in the same teacher's class. They have a looping program at her school...one year the teacher teaches 1st and the next 2nd. It is sooooooooooo amazing, especially for shy kids that get really really really nervous with change. It is going to change her life. I am serious. She will gain SOOOOO much confidence from this year I might not even recognize her come summer time...because she won't have to spend 1/2 the year getting to know her teacher and gaining courage to be herself. So I am just so so so grateful and happy that I can't stop smiling. I am however one of THOSE Ma's that gets emotional at the start and end of every school year. It stirs things inside me that I can not explain. I am just so darn proud of her that I feel like I am about to burst. She is already so so so much calmer and happier and adjusted. It's amazing. I am just so proud. She is still wearing her capes to school and I have managed to make a few new ones...need to make more. She is coming into her own sense of style and even picked out her own back pack this year. If you knew my daughter you would understand what that means. She is starting to make choices on her own. She is a true Virgo and just had a Birthday. This year we kept it simple and just took a couple of her friends to the Science Center. It was great and her brother was so excited. All the girls fawned over him and he loved it. Anywho...life is looking up and I for one am so glad...
the house hunt continues but I can tell....it's going to be a LONG bumpy ride. Happy Thursday!
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