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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, September 4, 2009 in
We went to Portland last weekend to visit our friends Kim and Robby, our kids god parents. They are the folks we choose to take care of our kids if anything should happen to us. They are very similar to us but very different as well and that's a good thing. They are more mellow than Jason and I, we tend to be a bit....just a bit...A-type and Kim and Robby are more relaxed and easy going. We had a lot of fun and Robby and Kim watched the kids for us one of the nights while we went out. Geez...that was super amazing. After we arrived we had an amazing pasta dinner, the kids fav, and then headed across the street to a park. The kids loved it and so did I. We put the kids to bed and stayed up chatting... Saturday we spent the morning all together, then Robby and Kim took Memphis to the OMSI and she loved it!!! That stuff is totally her. She loves space and science and loved the Planetarium so much even if it did put Kim and Robby to sleep...Robby literally fell asleep I hear. So Jason, Soren and I went to heaven...I mean Fabric Depot and I just kept saying....this is amazing...this is so great...I am so overwhelmed right now. While Jason pushed Soren thru all the isles in the stroller to keep him amused and when that stopped working we let him loose and with many giants smiles he went running and running and running. Man that boy can move. So Jason and I got some exercise too. They were also having a BIG sale...so how could I resist? Then we went to find our friends Sam and Greg but they were not home...so off we went to the nearest park, Laurelhurst Park to be exact.... so Mr. Soren could let loose and go nutso....and he did. Then we went back to meet up at their house and we got ready to go out to dinner with Ashley and Drew....so so so so so great. They could not have been any nicer and as it turns out Ashley and I have a lot more in common than I ever could have imagined. She is even cooler, sweeter, funnier and more gorgeous in person and Drew was fantastic too. What a treat....and they did treat us to dinner at the Delta Cafe. What a cool place that was!! I however made a big Vegetarian boo boo and did not ask if the dish I ordered was completely vegetarian. oooops....so on about my 12th bite I looked down and saw what I thought was bacon...so I quietly stopped eating it and ate my salad. I did not eat a piece of bacon but of course the juices from the bacon were consumed with my 12 or so bites of rice and beans. OOPS...normally I would have said something but both Drew and Ashley are veggies too and I had just met them for the very first time. I did not want to look like a big dork so I just played it all cool. I mean I have NEVER had that happen and I have been a complete veggie since 1986. Actually it's okay...I mean stuff happens and after a little bit of horror I was over it. I never said a word too...which for me was the hardest part of all. Anywho...then we were off to have a drink with our friends Sam and Greg. It was great to see them. I used to work with Sam here in Seattle and I adore her. They were so fun and it felt so extravagant getting to be so very very social. I mean geez...we were really out on the town. We got back to Kim and Robby's around 11pm and chatted for a bit and then the next morning Kim and I went and got pedicures....
So besides the 4 1/2 hour drive each way (should have been 3) with a 1 year old...and a lap top that played Sesame Street so Soren would not screech...it was really fun. I really like Portland a lot and hope we get to get down more often.
Phew...anywho..must run and prepare lunch and then when Soren wakes up we are off on errands for a special soon to be 8 years old girl of mine's birthday!!!
Happy happy Friday all!!!!
Did I tell you we have a brand new toilet? Well we do and it's so fast and amazing. Man what a difference a new toilet can make in your life....who would've thought?
Still house hunting...still have an offer we are waiting to hear about...still really really hard...fingers crossed something will happen and our offer will be accepted. :)
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