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Posted by Admin Eson on Saturday, September 26, 2009 in
Laila couldn't believe her eyes when Mom showed her the V-E-T bills for her dental surgery, tooth cleaning and pre-op blood work. $575.00! Since Mom lost her day hunting jobbie the end of July with no new prospects in sight, she has put a PayPal button on the top of our side bar on the right for anyone who might like to donate to the fund for my bill. We know first hand in this economy nowadays how hard it is for a lot of people, but if you would like to help out that would be great, no matter how small. Any green papers donated in excess of the bill will be sent to the Cat Blogosphere for another kitty in need of help. And no problem at all if you can't. We are just so thankful for everyone's support and words of encouragement while I had the surgery and during my recovery.

I am doing great and my gums look great too. We are hoping and purraying that the home preventative care I'll be receiving daily helps in the future.
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