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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, October 30, 2009 in
Now for the complicated story about Angel, the very short version. He came to stay with us on February 18. It was only going to be for a few weeks while his carpet was ripped up and wood floors put in. Then his Mom kept having more and more work done. A very good friend of hers was doing the work, who was out of a job. He has turned out to not be reliable at all and has left her in a huge mess and still has some projects not finished. Their place is filthy from all the work and everything is all over the place. He and his wife are suppose to come and put everything back, clean and help Angel's Mom (who is a person with a disability) get rid of a lot of junk and keeps giving her the runaround.

Angel can't (and Mom won't LET him) go back because he has allergies and some asthma and it's not good for him. That's why the carpet was being replaced in the first place. We all want him to stay forever but can't do that to his Mom. She needs her boy back in her life as he's her baby. We just can't seem to get her to stop being walked all over by this "friend". Mom has given up trying to get this resolved. We LOVE having him here and he can spend the rest of his life here as far as we are concerned.

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