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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 in

Yes...I know most of these shots are blurry and not perfect but that's my boy...never sits still and always on the move. Also notice laundry pile and stroller that has to live there all the time :(

So....my life right now is
taking care of Soren...feeding, changing, playing, bathing, dressing, walking, discovering
cleaning my home....
Dropping off and picking up my daughter from school
helping her with homework and problems
sharing happy family fun times
looking for homes
helping with Plush You!!! Man Kristen does a lot of work for it
this year it will be Friday and Saturday so please come and have some Plush Fun!!
Trying to sew
watching Big Love
trying to rest
kinda of falling a part at the seams
getting it back together
looking on the bright side
enjoying my days
Also wanted to share this... Memphis Loves Charlie and Lola
this... WANT
and this... I hope one day I own one of these
so Happy Happy Happy Wednesday...
i have always loved you Wednesday!!
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