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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, July 21, 2008 in
Thor the Thunder Cloud and Melvin the Lightning bolt Love=Creature

Sally the Cloud and Paul the Bird Love=Creature
Ole the Cloud Love=Creature

Siggy the Cloud Love=Creature

Lady Bird the Cloud Love Creature

ALL the ABOVE clouds plus a few more and a few other Love=Creatures will make it into my shop within the week. Wish I could be more specific but errands/playdates/ and life won't permit. I would love to be one of those folks that had a timed update but alas it is not to be so for awhile...maybe never. I have had the idea of making different clouds for a long, long, long time. Ever since I can remember they have fascinated me...I have loads and loads of photos of them and should post some sometime soon. I did a super cool series at the beach a few years back and I love them. It's really cool to print them all on one contact sheet. Anywho...I have also had the idea of hanging plush for a bit now and I think it's really really fun to combine them. I still have a raincloud with hanging raindrops to finish and a few rain drops to list all by themselves. I am in love with the little drops and plan on going to town making a bunch. Lately I have been thinking a lot about what I like in the Plush world and man there is so much inspiration out there. So I thought I would share a few of my top current favs....
M. Patrizio really out did herself here....
Love love this ghost from Astulabee
Love Sian Keegan's dogs are soooo fantastic... I would love one of my Gucci
My all time favorite EVER of Ashley Anna Brown's work...so want this guy
I have secretly admired Cat Rabbit's work for awhile now and I MUST have one of these
Love the work of Super Ninon
Really love the work of Comfies...
LOVE LOVE LOVE the tattooed men of Mimi K
Love love the Yetis from Sewing Stars
Love the work of CEVI
Acrossandtwokisses....love her dolls
Love Makisquarepatch...
Joybucket's dolls are so great...
I love love Kitty Vanes rag plush...need another

Anywho...there are many many more but I must sleep now and dream of new plushie ideas. xoxo nightie night
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