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Posted by Admin Eson on Friday, November 20, 2009 in

Love these and so many many other things in this shop...Retrowhale

I love and collect enamel trays...xoxo from Jape

Onegiftoneworld....I'm in love

Newduds super cool scarf

So so so love this...think I could rock it...not sure...Robert Rodriguez...yup..Nordstrom's

I am very drawn to this...not my usual style but I love it...Anthropologie

Diane Von Furstenberg...LOVE...also Nordstrom's

Sweater I love....Nordstrom's

I got to go to the Mall this morning by myself....it was like I was in another world. When you have small kids with you you are always watching them. Looking out...being aware of what they are doing, where they are going...what they are trying to destroy. So you don't really absorb the world like you would if you were by yourself. Well this morning I went to the mall...got there before it opened...got a coffee(never drink coffee...what a treat...soy mocha to be exact) and a blueberry scone. Sat down and people watched. I saw all these group of elderly folks all walking the mall, parents with kids, Dads alone with kids, kids smiling and running along, other people waiting to return stuff, people working to open up the shops, big big group of folks having a meeting in Nordstroms...all standing around listening to something a guy was saying...and I have to say...it made me teary eyed. Weird I know but it was just so refreshing to absorb, to notice, to see so much human energy at work. I was really taking it all in. I know it must sound weird to some of you but I also know there are others of you that know exactly what I am talking about. Not sure if it would bring anyone else close to tears but just thinking about it makes my eyes well up again. It's funny how things effect you when you are least expecting it. I guess spending so much time with my small son has made me yearn for grown up human connections so when I see so many out in the world it makes me hopeful. It's nice to be alone but not feel lonely at all.
I can't really explain it any better than that but I know some of you understand. Anywho...have a wonderful weekend...I am going to try and be around here more often as I have sort of fallen off the map. xoxoxo
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