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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, January 11, 2010 in
This is Angel and I waiting for Mom to come back from her scrapbooking weekend. Angel's mom took very good care of us while she was away. Out of all of us we think Angel was the happiest to see Mom. It was so cute and she was squeeing up a storm.

This is the house where Mom stayed. It had some killer icicles hanging all around. Luckily it was bitter cold so they weren't melting and in danger of hitting someone. Yesterday morning the actual low got down to -10F/-23C.

All of her friends who had cats missed their furries and were anxious to get back home to them. Mom's real good friend was working on an album of her kitties. She and her fambily have always had black cats. The picture of her friend with the reindeer ears holding her kitty is taken in his "deluxe condo in the sky" on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. What a view they have!

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