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Posted by Admin Eson on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 in
My Birthday is 12.12 and it has come and gone....but this cowl was from my Mama...she made it


Her collection grows

FINALLY....made a Blurb book

Oh Christmas tree....at Jason's Folks house

Christmas day Jason's folks house

Her Nutcracker....I love it

dotted window

Mr. Cutie Pie

She kept setting up stuff around the house

I WON this chain from Yokoo

So...where do I start...

December was so busy
My Birthday came 12.12 and Jason and I went out to a movie...'Fantastic Mr. Fox'
It was amazing...also went shopping with my Ma all day. Loved it.
Got some great gifts and my Ma and I bought each other something.
We got her an amazing purse, Marc Jacobs!!!(T.J Maxx of course) I finally gave in and got some Emu boots for home usage(From My Mama)....and I LOVE THEM!!!! They are amazing!!!! So comfortable and they are only for inside as we do not wear shoes in our home.
My brother is mad at the family, long story, but he did not come to our traditional Christmas Eve gathering at my Ma's and there was a lot of drama to go with that...but I will spare you...I was sad a bit and even cried but that's how it is right now....
We had a blast on Winter break and Jason had 11 days off!!!! It was amazing...I got to shop alone...we went on a big light ride, saw Santa, did crafts, saw family and really enjoyed each other's company...mostly
but I had a mammogram and got called back the next day....I was in a HUGE panic and got the call while our friends from Oregon were visiting. It was soooooo scary....turns out I have a Cyst in my left breast and after the Ultra sound and second mammogram they said that I need to come back in 6 months to make sure it's just me....it was soooooo crazy and nobody told me that it is very typical to get called back after your first one because they have nothing to compare it to and don't know what your breast tissue looks like.
makes perfect sense but geeeeez
they could have told me.
Anywho....it was a very busy month and I survived another Holiday season and another Birthday although this year my Birthday was tough for me. I was kinda bummed out???
I have always loved my Birthday. Next year I better be getting a SURPRISE party...that's all I have to say!!
So 2010 here I come...
ready or not I am going to shine....xoxo
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