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Posted by Admin Eson on Monday, February 1, 2010 in

All of these photos were taken in July of 2007...almost 3 years ago. This was a time before Soren, when our little family was just 3. Looking back I miss the times we used to just get to spend doing what we wanted...before Kindergarten. It was really really nice. I do get to do that with Soren too but it's not the same. With Memphis there weren't any time restrictions really. We would wake up and just kind of roll with it. When we did have a plan to meet up with friends for a play date it was always later in the day. Memphis is NOT a morning person...she used to wake up every day at 8am or 8:30am. Those times were so much simpler and so less chaotic. She really was and (mostly) still is a dream kid. Looking back I think I was a really great Mom. She was happy most of the time anyway. :) Now our mister Soren is here and he is the joy in our lives right now. So carefree, so energetic, so funny...such a complete character in a much different way than Memphis was or is. We love him dearly, truly and madly but since he has arrived our VERY small space has become very hard to live in. I mean we are really making it work but lately...as he grows bigger and bigger we are all kind of going a bit crazy.(We live in approx 750 square feet) Sooooo the house hunt continues and I know that soon things will be better and I feel horrible for complaining at all because I am so very blessed in life. I was just thinking, that's all about a time that seems so long ago now and it brought a huge smile to my face just thinking about that little family of 3 and remembering back then how crazy being a parent was(HA....one kid compared to two is a cake walk really...at least for me looking back)...funny to look back and it's fantastic to have so many memories....also amazing how big our little girl is getting. Life really does go by in a blink of an eye and it's true that you really have to enjoy each and every day as much as you can. I guess I am feeling a big nostalgic today...thinking about our future and what lies ahead. As scared as I am to move...I am really excited for our family of 4 to have a bit more piece of mind and more room to grow. I really am so very very lucky and that's something I try to remember every single day. Happy Monday :)
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